Headscratchers / TV Tropes

  • Why are YMMV tropes and fandom tropes lumped together? A lot of YMMV-but-fandom related tropes are listed as YMMV, despite a few being completely objective, like Memetic Mutation. A separate area for fandom-specific tropes are cluttering actually subjective things on the page.
  • I don't understand the hat joke on the "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny page. Can someone explain it?
    • It's a reference to the phrase "old hat", often used to refer to a played-out joke.
  • Why is the icon for Self Demonstrating pages an apple?
    • It's actually a peach. The index page claims it has something to do with T. S. Eliot.
  • How many "famous" people are tropers? And who?
  • If Headscratchers are supposed to be about Fridge Logic, why do so many media pages have both a Headscratchers page and Fridge Logic section? Is it just a holdover from when Headscratchers were called It Just Bugs Me and it was full of people complaining instead of what it was actually supposed to be?