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Headscratchers: TNA
  • Re: 7/15/10 and 7/22/10 Impact: So wait...a couple of ECW guys come out of nowhere and start beating up on TNA staffers, and then Dixie Carter comes out and says everything's hunky-dory because she "invited them"?
    • I was hoping for a Heel turn for Dixie, but alas...
  • The booking, well, in general, but for the woman's matches in particular, why can't they allow these wrestlers the opportunity to strut their stuff? But no, we need Sarita in a thong and the Beautiful People.
    • To be fair, Sarita is a decent wrestler but I agree with you on TBP. They're Divas not wrestlers, bring back Alissa Flash, Roxxi and Awesome Kong!
      • I meant why the hell would you put a wrestler of Sarita's caliber in a thong...she's a whole lot more than Fanservice.
      • Sarita's ring attire barely qualifies as a thong. Madison Rayne is the Knockout Champion, a bitchy Screaming Warrior. Tara is a Badass Biker with an Animal Motif. Taylor Wilde was a High Ground Genki Girl. Mickie James is a Pint-Sized Powerhouse Unkempt Beauty with a hidden keg of Unstoppable Rage. Yet all have wrestled in revealing outfits comparable to the Beautiful People, even complete with upskirt value in some cases, including one of Madison's regular outfits. This is all while consistently telling stories and putting on matches good enough to put the vast majority of the current-era WWE Divas product to shame. So it's not like any of the Knockouts, namely Sarita, who has worn the same revealing level of attire in different promotions before (just check a Sarah Stock SHIMMER photoshoot or two), are suddenly being told by creative that they're only good for booty-shaking.
  • Why the hell was Rhino painted as a bad guy for wanting to keep his job in the face of almost inevitable unemployment so he can care for his daughter?
    • Spoony declared that between this and the fact Rhino was able to beat up both Dreamer and RVD that same night (for, like, the second consecutive week in a row), Dreamer and RVD lost the ability to ever be taken seriously again.
      • Frankly, thinking about it… between this and the aforementioned Fortune-EV2 feud, EV2's entire morality and momentum depended on the Ensemble Darkhorse nostalgia value of ECW. TNA anticipated, like with every other blast from the past they ever bring in, that the ECW influx would bring life and ratings to the program. When people failed to get behind EV2 this way, the whole premise of it became a vacant shell and their booking reflected this.
  • Christopher Daniels losing his first name. Has there ever been ANY explanation as to why this happened?
    • Even Daniels couldn't hide that he didn't like it in an interview.
      • It seems like at some point it became a yearly tradition to "fire" him and bring him back under a new identity. Christopher Daniels was fired and came back as Curry Man. Curry Man was fired and came back as Suicide. The newest was with Daniels. It makes it no less moronic, but there did seem to be a pattern (however weak) to it.
      • Except he and other wrestlers kept using the full "Christopher Daniels" name, including Jeff Jarrett when announcing his return.
      • It was never stated on-screen, but TNA forced a name change to "Daniels" so that they would have a name they could own the trademark on (for merchandise, promotions, etc.). It's essentially the same reason that WWE often forces their performers to take on new names even if they've become famous under another name.
      • I thought it was because of the Chris Benoit tragedy, with TNA not wanting a version of the name "Chris" attracting the wrong kind of attention.
  • What is going on with Ric Flair? Granted, it's always been part of his gimmick to be a little wacky, but as of late, he seems to have gone into Mae Young-esque borderline senile territory. Between the "Bros Icing Bros" thing and his behavior seeming to be more and more erratic, it seems like he's gone off the deep end (and it seems worse because he's supposed to be a mentor to AJ Styles.)
  • Why start booking an angle before you actually get the guys under contract? Somebody give me a rational answer to that question.
    • 1.) They're idiots. No real argument there. 2.) Kevin Nash has played hardball with them in the past and always ended up signing. Booker T had Wellness strikes against him in WWE, and both openly complained about the schedule.
      • From the 2/14 Observer: Nash was actually signed to a contract early in 2011, and played hardball with Dixie Carter to get a release.
  • A minor one. While watching Impact I'm becoming increasingly aware of the crowd chanting for Velvet during knockout matches. It was my impression that Velvet wasn't very popular. Are they doing this out of irony or is she more popular than I was lead to believe?
    • It wasn't that she wasn't popular, more likely that her unpopularity was because she was a heel at the time.
    • She still is. The TNA knockouts division has just devolved to Black and Gray Morality, so in comparison to Sarita or Madison she seems like a face.
    • And some fans still can't truly buy her as a face over Sarita.
    • Which brings me back to my original question. Why does the impact zone seem to love her so much?
    • The impact zone is largely made up of hyped up tourists who really don't know what is going on and a few groups of long term TNA fans there to get themselves over. So it is a little easier to get pops from it than other arenas.
  • Why does Russo likes so much to book matches with stuff in a pole?
  • The whole Mexican America thing. Sure, it's tasteless, but the people they chose for it is missing the mark. The concept is simple; A bunch of pure-bloods Mexicans (from Mexico), but none of them are from there. Anarquia is Mexican, to be fair, but from L.A., Rosita is Puerto Rican and from New York and Hernandez is partially Mexican, but also Puerto Rican and from Texas. And Sarita isn't even Hispanic at all, and is from Canada! It'd be like making a stable of children of pure-blood Nazis that came from Argentina, with a German guy from Wisconsin, a Austrian girl from Minnesota, a half-German half-Polish guy from Illinos and a girl from South Korea that looks kind of white.
    • This is kind of a Latino version of Interchangeable Asian Cultures. Since illegal immigration is a huge deal in America right now, TNA decides to try and be "relevant" and "contemporary" (in what might be one of the most tasteless ways possible, but that's another thing). They just grabbed the four people closest to Mexican they could find.
      • Vince Russo. Remember he was dumb enough to book a Team Canada with only one Canadian on it (something which Lance Storm still thinks was a stupid idea).
    • There are even bigger problems with this thing than just that. Try the Mexican flag being kept hanging during whatever promo or match they come out for obstructing the view of a good quarter of the Impact Zone, or the fact that the Rita cousins are only in this group so they can do something without Rosita having to wrestle because she's obviously green and hard to take as a threat, or the fact that Sarita can't really do her thing among the Knockouts anymore because of it, or the fact that Hernandez has been a hazard to work with in the ring since returning to form this group, or that Anarquia has a name that would fit the concept of the group better than just himself, oh, and he absolutely sucks in every way imaginable that doesn't involve calling people gringos, which Konnan and Homicide did better anyway…
    • Long story short? Yeah. The whole Mexican America thing.
  • If one of TNA's PPVs was named Hard CORE Justice, why wasn't the matches in the card for 2011 have you know... hardcore stipulations?
  • So, Traci Brooks just slept with Bischoff to get a job, okay...but isn't Traci Brooks married to Kazarian in story as well as in real life? So why hasn't Kazarian or any other Fortune member (Fortune of course being the archrivals to Immortal) made a big deal about Eric Bischoff fucking one of their wives?
    • Because that would be too much focus for a knockout, who were Dutch Mantel's pet project? Okay, that's not a good in-story reason but that's consistent with the booking.
  • So, to quote from the So Bad Its Horrible page, TNA decided to shoot an entire months worth of wrestling in the UK, where their champion Jeff Hardy isn't allowed because of a felony conviction. And rather than just having him drop the title prior to this tour to the UK, they kayfabe an injury and let him keep the title, "to keep [Hardy] happy so he wouldn't go and sign with WWE".
    • Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't WWE have a wellness program that Hardy, given his past substance use, would presumably flunk? If they bothered signing him at all?
    • The Wellness Program only kicks in if you actually fail a test. Hardy, to his credit, has been clean for over a year since his humiliating performance at Victory Road 2011. Furthermore, Hardy still carries drawing power in the WWE (being a long-time WWE wrestler and former World champ) and his signing would be a significant loss to TNA.
  • How would Bobby Roode not know what it means to be the metaphorical 'bigger man'? I doubt he was referring to the metaphor when he argued with Austin Aries about whom it was - unless Aries was being condescending when he explained it?
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