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Headscratchers: THERESCUERS
  • The Rescuers: Anybody noticed how similar this movie is to The Goonies?
    • How so? The only similarity I can think of is that it's about a kid looking for treasure in a flooded cave, and even that's not much of one—in The Goonies, it's the entire plot, while it only occupies the climax of The Rescuers.
      • You seriously don't see the similarities between Madame Medusa and Mama Fratelli?
      • I always thought she paralleled Cruella De Vil more. Besides, Medusa is a re-imagining of one of the Rescuers book's villains, the Diamond Duchess.
      • Funny thing that...Cruella De Vil was actually intended to be the villain at first, but really, could you see her using those gators for anything but shoes? Or that she'd move from genuine fur coats to Diamonds?
      • Rescuers: 1977. Goonies: 1985.
    • Great - now all I can think of is Bernard doing the truffle shuffle.
      • Oh you BASTARD. I can neither get that out my MY head now, nor can I stop laughing about it. Oh, and by extension I keep thinking of the Chairmouse piloting that plane in The Mummy. SCREW.YOU.

  • So McLeach is a wanted man, as evidenced by the WANTED poster we see at the beginning. Given that his truck leaves a trail a blind imbecile could follow, you'd think he'd be easier to find.
    • Who says he's the only one with that kind of truck? It could easily be a common model that a lot of people living in the outback have. Plus, I got the impression that they live in quite a sparsely populated area. While McLeach isn't book smart, he's street-smart enough to know to poach in areas that the Park Rangers usually don't look. (The sad thing is, that's actually Truth in Television...Park Rangers have other duties besides looking out for poachers, and there likely aren't enough to be constantly on the lookout for McLeach. That and park rangers aren't the police.)

  • A good question for either movie, and any other movie that involves children talking to animals. What is going to happen to these kids when they get older? Will they eventually stop believing that animals can talk and assume they were speaking to imaginary friends the whole time? Or will they be placed in therapy and treated like they're crazy by the rest of the world for insisting they really did speak to animals?
    • Or they might just shrug it off and go on with their lives. If they run into talking animals again they'll just be less shocked than everyone else. As for the kid in The Rescuers and 'Down Under, I think they'll be okay. Penny's talking to animals might be chalked up to loneliness issues if anyone worries about it at all. Cody, on the other hand, might be considered a bit traumatized from his multiple near-death experiences if he tells anyone the exact details of what he went through.
    • Well in the Peter in Kesgenton gardens (book set before Peter and Wendy, ie Peter Pan) and in the real Mary Poppins book. It seems like we can talk to birds/animals at birth but that ability disappears when one is older. It's been lampshaded in Arthur between Kate and Pal.
  • There's a strange moment towards the end of Down Under, when Bernard gets Mc Cleach's truck shut off, and steals the keys. Mc Cleach starts looking for the keys, while Bernard hides behind the pedal. Bernard then looks down at something on the floor of the truck, then has this look on his face like he just got an idea, and then.... we just see him jumping out of the truck with the keys, and running into Joanna. What was that all about?
    • Presumably, he saw a way out of the truck, taking the keys with him to hinder Mc Leach further; realistically, he would look in the truck until he had exhausted every conceivable place they could have fallen into before it occurred to him that they may not be in the truck anymore. That and Mc Leach isn't very smart to begin with.
  • About Croc that water flowing uphill before it gets to the crest of it and goes down to the river?
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