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Headscratchers: Strike Witches
  • It seems very odd that the anime whips out the idea of a witch losing her magic ability completely, when nothing else in the (rather extensive) setting's materials ever suggests it, and the reasoning of combat witches being so young is that adolescence is simply when their output is highest. What does a dense death-seeker like Mio know that the rest of the world doesn't?
    • Just finished season 1 and i think you missed something, she says they get weaker, that's why there is the healing mother and grandmother but only their daughter can do shields, I imagine Mio would be the same if extenuating circumstances (the Strikers) weren't bleeding her dry. She would probably end up 40 years old with her only power being her Sharingan eye.
    • But Season 2 ends with Yoshika losing all of her magic, even the basic healing stuff that her mom and grandmother can do. Somehow using Reppumaru causes her to lose not only her power as a Witch but also her magic talent altogether. Where the hell did that come from?
      • Most witches do completely lose their powers gradually after certain age, except for very few example, including Miyafuji family. In case of Yoshika and Shin-Reppuzan, seeing what happened in the movie, I have a doubt it may have been psychological issue.

  • The Season 2 finale: Okay, so you're making an assault on the home base of the alien menace and you only bring 11 witches and 5 battleships. What were all the other Witches, the 504, the Karlsland Airforce, etc doing? This is the big one, do or die. Everyone should have been there if only to insure the Yamato and the fleet were protected.
    • The existence of other Neuroi nests beyond the targeted one is implied. It's unlikely witches would be stationed in Africa without an active threat there, and other hotspots could exist around the world. Pulling additional forces could have increased the Yamato's chances for success, but would have left vulnerabilities elsewhere.
    • Also, there were off screen battles around the hive that was not shown.
    • There are at least seven more major "hives" in Europe and Africa such as Plague, Black Sea, and Cairo. That's not even including the numerous smaller hives covering area between Karlsland and Orussia. So most forces are engaged in their theater. 504th was still out of commission at the time of operation, and local units were on defensive. Besides what you could see in the anime, Venetian-Romagnian fleet was present as well.

  • In episode 5, Yoshika and Lynne are shown to have incredible trouble staying afloat while wearing their Strikers during beach training. So why didn't they have any trouble after crashing in the water in episode 3, after shooting down the 'Separating Rocket' Neuroi?

  • Is it really absolutely necessary that the witches must go without pants? I mean they could wear short shorts or a skirt and still be able to operate the Striker units. I realize that in real life it was done for fan service, but I'm talking logistically here within the world of the show.
    • In-universe most witches don't bother because it's acceptable for them to go without pants or skirts. Lampshaded in S1 when Hartmann tries to stop a truck by posing, and it doesn't work - everyone's used to it. Then again, Sanya somewhat compensates for the witches' lack of attire by wearing opaque tights AND a miniskirt over her underwear.
      • Underwear? Take another look, buddy. She only wear's undies when she's snuggling up to Eila. Those tights and skirt are covering her cameltoe; she's going commando.
    • SW universe simply never really developed custom of females wearing pants/skirts regularly. Although, longer "belts" are becoming more popular thanks to Romangnian fashion designers. Also, Sanya does wear a "pants" underneath her tights according to Humikane.
    • In supplemental materials, note that the uniform coats worn by the Soumnus witches are long enough to be dresses, and Hanna-Justina Marseille and Waltrud Krupinski wear skirts and trousers respectively.

  • If the Strike Witches Universe equivalent of China doesn't exist, how the heck can firearms exist since they were the ones who accidentally discovered the black explosive powder while trying to develop an elixir for immortality? Wouldn't the world technically be another Fantasy Gun Control world?
    • Not to mention the compass and ton of other inventions:
    • It's fairly daft to assume somehow ONLY the Chinese could invent it. Europe had tons of alchemists too so it's not even the slightest stretch to assume one of them blundered on it instead. Perhaps somewhat later, but not enough to matter. For guns to somehow not exist at all we'd have to assume that somehow no one on earth discovers the most basic of explosives... FOR A THOUSAND YEARS.
      • But there are indications that the Chinese state in Strike Witches does exist, only to be invaded by Manchus, or Koreans and reduced to the south of the country.
    • The Chinese civilization apparently existed until some time in middle ages, then a large scale attack from Neuroi predecessor pretty much wiped it out. So it is possible that these inventions were made before this incident.
      • The closest to Chinese civilization in the Strike Witches nation found on the world atlas is the Great Mongol Empire;it is probable that it was in fact the Mongols in lieu of China as we know it that developed the earliest black powder firearms.

  • What about the Neuroi? What's their deal? I mean, you have these replicating, regenerating, laser shooting honeycomb aliens and there's nothing regarding what they are exactly? When you first saw them they were weird, alien looking and when they fought they looked dangerous and freakin' wicked. In the Doujin they cut through conventional forces with ease. You'd think their would be some sort of look into some of the mystery of the Neuroi to find some answers about what they are. Or where they came from. Or why they are even attacking earth in the first place. Like are they from space or some sort of alternate dimension? I'm not entirely, 100% sure but is possible they could be a sort of sentient,crystalline machines of some sort. But then that brings up other questions regarding biology, social structure, history and what not. You'd think they'd be revealing stuff like this at least during the second season, but apparently not. Heck they even mentioned a schism within the Neuroi's ranks, but that little tidbit is just briefly mentioned and then forgotten about.

  • Where exactly is it mentioned Minna's dead lover is named Kurt Flachfeld anyways?

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