Headscratchers / Spider-Man: Edge of Time

  • Why is Anti-Venom a villain here? The latest trailer from E3 indicates that it's Eddie who kills Peter & causes the timeline to get all screwed up, but if Beenox really wanted Eddie Brock to be the one who kills Spidey, why didn't they just use him as Venom?
    • Anti-Venom was picked because mere contact with him would cause Spider-Man to lose his powers, leaving him vulnerable to brutal attacks. As for why he is a villain, it is explained that the villain from 2099 is controlling Anti-Venom into killing him. Spider-Man tries to snap him out of it, but is unsuccessful.
  • The CEO's archives have most of the costumes Peter wore when he was Spider-Man, but why is Spider-Man 1602 there when the symbiote/black suit isn't?
    • The Symbiote itself is bonded to Kron Stone in the 2099 universe, and as for a replica of it... who knows?
  • Is it just me or does it appear that Amazing Spidey fights all of the large enemies?
    • He fights Black Cat. And Miguel fights PP2099, who is kind of big in the Iron Spidey suit.
      • No what I'm talking about is that he tends to fight the Giant Mook enemies. But I now remember that 2099 fights some in Act Three. But still why does Amazing Spidey fight more giant mooks and bosses?
      • The old Parker Luck.
  • Wouldn't Miguel saving Peter Parker in the present set the whole plot into motion in the future? If Peter died in the past, then Peter Parker 2099 would no longer exist (as he would be dead).
    • Probable Causality. Just like when Peter does stuff in the past that affects 2099, Miguel tossing Doc Ock, Anti-Venom and Sloan into the time gate erased Sloan from the CEO position while allowing Peter Parker to live. Ergo, Peter Parker would go on to become the CEO, go crazy, and remember everything that the two had done together thus far.
  • I put this in the YMMV section, but why would Miguel think his security access code would work in the past way before it would've been programmed into the computers of the building?
    • Probably did it on reflex, sort of like 'worth a shot' if you will.