Headscratchers / Sonic the Comic

  • Why was Sonic being blue, having green eyes, and being capable of super speed explained when the world also has two-tailed yellow foxes, red echidnas with superstrength and pink hedgehogs who's powers and change of eye colour was not explained?
    • Simply enough, animals that are colored differently are normal on Mobius. Most foxes are yellow as shown when Tails travels to his home, the reason he has two tails is because of a birth defect. Pretty much all of the Echidnas are wiped out save for Knuckles and when they were shown the were all red or pink. and Amy.. well, that should be obvious.
  • Sonic's speed has been stolen a couple of times,wich means Sonic's speed is not related to his physical condition, yet he noted he was getting out of shape when he didn't run as fast as he wanted to, and it was just as if his powers were stolen when he was temporarily aged to an old man.
  • Why was Sonic having green eyes explained at all? Everyone else gained brown eyes and blue eyes with no explanation. I guess it's since Sonic should have brown eyes in this continuity, but the rerun covers ended up retconning to always have brown eyes anyway. Plus, what's with Tails and blue eyes? That fits the game and Archie versions of him, but this one looks better with brown eyes.
  • Why is blue fur abnormal but pink is not?
    • There was one issue where Amy is shown to have been brown originally but turned pink, but it's so full of continuity errors that the fans have discontinued it as non-canon. Personally I've always thought Amy's fur is dyed - she is a fashionista after all.
  • Why do some animals wear clothes but others don't?
  • Why is the fanbase so small? Many, many Sonic fans read this growing up. UK is big, right? So where are all the fans?
    • The fact of the matter is that the United States is bigger and more prominent in the Western World than the UK, so the American creations are thus more popular than the ones created in Europe.
    • This comic was never reprinted after its run, stopped making new material around the release of Sonic Adventure, and didn't have what seems like dozens of spin-off titles. There's just no comparison.
  • Everyone says Amy returned to Nigel's original personality for the Sonic Adventure arc. I don't see it. She's not a bubbly flirt who teases Sonic, she's just not doing anything.
  • The Metallix were invented by Grimer, but their self-destruct device was created by Robotnik-so to fix this, they Ret Gone Robotnik. A good plan, however shouldn't they still be erased? Yes, Grimer invented them, but he invented them to help Robotnik keep control of Mobius/defeat Sonic. By all rights, they should still be erased since without Robotnik, Grimer would have no reason to build them in the first place.
  • Why is it that Sonic is considered terrible by the fanbase and especially the online continuations for being a Jerk (which, besides hurting a few feelings, hasn't really done anything to anyone) when Tails has lied to an entire pocket universe and endangered them for ages by lying when Sonic could have easily sorted out things easier? What Tails has done makes him FAR worse than Sonic's Jerk tendencies (though I will admit I hate Sonic being a jerk). The times the people DO find out, they decide not to say anything about it - even though it's their DUTY to tell the truth?
    • The only three people who actually find out about Tails' secret are Tails, Errol and Knuckles. Tails at the time was just a kid, an 8-year-old kid, who lied to home. That point it's his own poor judgement, it's not like he intentionally meant for the bad things to come of it. Knuckles was actually mistaken for Sonic and he decided to run with it for Tails' sake and because he's tired of Sonic being worshiped everywhere. Basically, Tails is unintentionally being a jerk by being a kid who lied for fame, while Knuckles did it for Tails' sake and because he assumed that he could help out Tails on that adventure.
      • Which explains nothing. Tails' lie is STILL being spread, and people's lives are STILL being endangered by the lie, and people STILL think this is better than Sonic getting irritated at people for being stupid. (I had finally read over the comic now, and now I know EVERY BIT OF SONIC'S JERKISHNESS IS JUSTIFIED - which makes this WORSE).