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Headscratchers: Sonic Story Book Series
  • How is it that Erazor's sword was able to kill a genie? I thought they were supposed to be immortal... Plus Erazor mentions that he is.
    • A Wizard Did It. Or more accurately, a genie.
    • Erazor wanted to control the seven World Rings and accidentally slashed Shahra (he planned on killing Sonic instead). "But the life of the one who gathered the rings must be offered up in sacrifice as the key to that control. I offer up your life, blue hedgehog!"
    • Genies aren't unkillable, they simply live for thousands of years. Erazor Djinn claims to be immortal, but maybe he was just referring to his long life.
  • In The Secret Rings, why does Erazor need those World Rings so badly if he has already achieved "god-like" power?
    • Because the World Rings were the only things that could stop him? Sounds like a good idea to go after the 1 thing that can stop you if you have god-like powers, if just to prevent other people from getting them.
    • Actually, it's because, for all it's worth, Erazor needed more power (I mean, he lost to a hedgehog.), and the World Rings were his ticket to such godly power, and he'd actually be able to escape the book and wreak havoc on the real world.
  • How did Erazor bring Shahra back to life?
    • He's a genie. As far as I know, there's no genie rule against reviving the dead.
    • Unless you're the Disney version of the genie from Aladdin.
      • Genie didn't have a rule against reviving the dead. He just preferred not to do it for rather obvious reasons.
      • Erazor is the Genie from Aladdin. Granted, he's not the friendly Robin Williams type, but still.
  • Why didn't they tell us more about Erazor and Shahra's relationship? I thought that that was one of the few things in the story with real potential, but they never even clarified the exact nature of their relationship. Was Erzaor Shahra's boyfriend, brother, father, or what?
    • Because you'd have things like Elise and Sonic.
    • Erazor and Shahra are both genies. How is that anything like Elise and Sonic?
    • Maybe Shahra and Erazor were best friends at some point, but when Erazor turned evil, Shahra was too afraid to sever ties with him. This could also be the reason why she cries at the end of the game. Maybe he was good until some traumatic event caused him to go insane and do a Face-Heel Turn. This troper imagines Erazor's backstory as something similar to Hitler and how he came to be. Maybe Erazor started out good, but a traumatic experience (for Hitler, the death of his mom who was under the care of a Jewish doctor) caused him to go insane and rip the pages out of the book in an attempt at conquest (like Hitler killing off the Jewish population as he tried to rule the world). On Shahra's part, she was probably trying to get Erazor to do a Heel-Face Turn because she knew that he was destroying the world but was too afraid to turn her back on him. She turned his back on him when Sonic commanded her to face her fear. While this did result in her temporary death, it played out in Sonic's favor, but it also left her with a Bittersweet Ending.
  • Where did Shahra get Erazor's lamp? Why couldn't she use it herself?
    • Erazor probably threw it away and Shahra found it. As well, chances are that genies can't use each other's lamps.
    • It was broken when Shara had it, and she was working for Erazor Djinn at the time.
  • How come Shahra gave Sonic Erazor's lamp, if she was intent on betraying him the whole time up until the very end?
    • I think she was gambling that Sonic would be powerful enough to survive and defeat Erazor, thus freeing Shahra. The betraying was simply her sticking to the plan to ensure her survival in case Sonic failed.
    • I think she had conflicting emotions. She didn't want to destroy the Arabian Nights, but that was the only way she and Erazor Djinn could be together. She probably gave Sonic the lamp in case her plan to be with Erazor failed.
    • She was a Minion with an F in Evil, she felt sympathy for the patsy she used, and after being told to do what she feels is right, she instead sacrifices herself when it becomes evident what a monster her love truly is. Alternatively, it's the exact opposite; she genuinely was trying to assist Sonic, but didn't have the heart to fully betray Erazor, so she was cryptic in her methods so fate could choose for her. This would at least make Erazor's punishment for her more logical (it seems a pretty risky gamble to expect a stranger to save her in such a precise method that leaves him cursed instead).
  • Why didn't Shahra explain to Sonic the exact nature of what she was giving him (Erazor's lamp) instead of being vague about it?
    • I think she was simply too psychologically dependent on Erazor to go against him so blatantly.
    • She was still working for Erazor Djinn, hoping they could have a life together. She eventually has a Face-Heel Turn at the end of the game.
  • How was Shahra able to escape the Arabian Nights, when Erzaor, who is much more powerful, couldn't?
    • Probably the nature of her existence. She's a ring genie, chances are such a genie has such an ability.
  • In Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic says something among the lines of "What good is a world that doesn't end?". The world he is refering to is the world of Camelot. What Bugs me is that he saves his world (and if you count X, ours.) from it's end countless times. I am starting to think Sonic is becoming a hypocrite.
    • Of course, Sonic's also never had to overrun it all with evil minions to do so...
    • Merlina didn't want the world of Camelot to end, but the way she wants to do it is hardly a utopian method (freezing everything exactly as it is forever and ever, with her as a dark ruler over all). The way Sonic says it isn't the best, but what he means is on the money.
      • Yeah, I think it's more or less, "What good is a world that never changes?". But for there to be change, there has to be beginnings and endings. What he said was more or less right, but just phrased strangely.
    • I think what he meant is that the world will come to its natural end at some point and it wasn't right to force it to go on forever. But he's also not just gonna sit back and eat chili dogs while bad guys try to blow the world up, because that's destroying the world before its natural end. Basically, forcing a world to last forever is wrong, but blowing it up isn't any better.
    • Remember that the world was a storybook, and Sonic knew that, but the characters obviously didn't. What he WANTED to say was "What good is a story that doesn't end", but he couldn't say that because he would either literally break the fourth wall, or Merlina just wouldn't understand what he meant, so he had to say "world" instead to get his point across.
    • Another possibility is that Sonic was thinking of Camelot as being a moment in the past. If Merlina wanted to preserve Camelot forever, she'd be forsaking the potential of a future. Even if it isn't Sonic's world, it'd presumably be some sort of equivalent, so he could probably sympathize with that.
  • Whatever happened to that fire in Sonic's chest in Sonic and the Secret Rings? It was implied that if it runs out, Sonic dies...and by the end, it's never brought up even after the battle against Alf Layla Wa Layla.
    • His transformation into Darkspine Sonic probably removed the flaming arrow.
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