Headscratchers / Sonic SatAM

  • So, does anyone actually live in Robotropolis? You never really see anyone walking around the streets except for Swat Bots, if there aren't any people walking the streets, what's the point? I mean I guess is supposed to show how desolate the place has gotten but what's the point of having all these streets if they're not even populated? Why hasn't Robotnik destroyed the streets and build more bases?
    • It's populated solely by robots, as Robotnik's plan seems to be to turn the entire planet into his robot slaves. It's less a city with streets than it is one big machine.
  • So it seems that Robotnik knows that the Freedom Fighters live in the woods, well why hasn't he decided to just bomb the entire forest? Robotnik has shown numerous times how little he cares for wildlife, why not bomb the forest and possibly kill your worst enemy, especially when you were essentially going to destroy them anyway?
    • Every time he tries that, the Freedom Fighters get wind of it and stop the plan.
    • It's also possible that Mobius doesn't actually have the materials needed to make conventional explosives in large numbers. It's similar to earth, but it's pretty different too.
  • In Blast To The Past, it's established for the most part that the time travel's of the closed loop type, as major details such as Robotnik's mechanized arm existed in episodes prior to Sonic's meddling with the past. This would mean that Sonic saw his own older self during his days shortly prior to Robotnik's coup. And this whole shebang happened at a point where for most characters this was one of the most important and memorable events in their lives: Young Sonic saw his uncle getting roboticized, Robotnik got afflicted with a roboticized arm, and both Bunnie and Antoine were about to be sent to their doom. Why does no one realize or reference this? Sonic in particular fails at remembering and predicting the actions of the older self that he's incarnating during the episode.
    • Because Blast To The Past isn't a closed loop. The ending where it's revealed that they saved Rosie proves this. In the original timeline, she was captured before the start of the series. Things in the original timeline probably happened very similarly, but Sonic and Sally's presence changed things subtly. For example, their past selves were never captured in the original timeline, but here they were, forcing Sonic and Sal to save themselves, probably resulting in Snively going bald and Robotnik getting a robo-arm earlier than originally.
  • In Blast from the Past, Young Antoine already speaks English with a French accent. How can he possibly retain that accent as an adult, if he's been speaking English with all of his peer for most of his life and French (as far as we can see) with absolutely no one? Is it some kind of conscious choice, like Schwartzenegger's Austrian accent is today?
    • Perhaps it's to remind himself of the French Partisans that he's a Spiritual Successor of? Despite France's unfortunate reputation (and indeed, his own cowardly personality), without the French rebel cells, Europe would have been doomed; as are the Freedom Fighters worse off without him. Somehow.
      • I wouldn't say Europe would've been doomed, but the French Resistance did some good work in WWII. Antoine seems to be a kinda weird mashup of multiple things associated with the French. Even the coat he wears resembles a Napoleonic Era officer's coat. The accent is just part of it.
  • What does SatAM even mean?
  • Due to the series ending so quickly, we never got a chance to find this out, but, can Sally handle Power Rings too? We did see her and Sonic handle the equivalent of 10,000 power rings, so, Sally handling one on her own should be a piece of cake.
    • Sonic himself says that only he can use the rings' power, because Uncle Chuck explicitly made them for him.
    • Although as one is used to temporarily snap a roboticized Chuck out of his evil programming, perhaps they are only tuned to Hedgehog DNA. Antoine tries to use one himself as part of a plan to capture Robotnik and woo Sally; it fails quite severely.
  • How do Robotnik and Snively eat? Destroying the water and plants is actually a dumb idea. Robotnik may look like a robot, but he is still a human. How does he keep himself and his nephew alive without food and water?
    • Thye probably have enough stockpiled to keep themselves alive, either that or Robotnik created some type of machine to create food for them.
  • Since Robotnik has access to roboticization technology how come he never de-roboticized his arm?
    • He might either like the roboticized arm or simply can't. The Freedom Fighters have trouble with deroboticization efforts even with copying the machine entirely, and, since the machine wasn't designed by Robotnik himself, Robotnik might not have ever figured out how to reverse the effects of the roboticizer.