Headscratchers / Sine Mora

  • Not that most Tropers care about playing for score, but: What's with the scoring system? Specifically, if you use your time manipulation gimmicks, your score multiplier is reset back to 1. This game goes out of its way to tout time manipulation as a major element of the game, yet those wishing to play for score have to never use it at all. This is in contrast to Espgaluda, where its Bullet Time mechanic is not only useful for survival, but is actually essential to playing for score. Same goes for GigaWing, where the reflect mechanic is just as important for scoring as it is for survival.
    • Furthermore, why is there no way to slowdown your movement, and why does the game allow you to fire at an absurdly fast rate (like Darius Gaiden fast if you have the autofire speed)? Why can't you customize the controls (choosing from 3 preset control schemes, all of which are bad for an arcade stick)? There is actually an answer to all this: the devs had no idea what they were doing. They actually were posting on a shmups forum to generate hype, but basically ignored any criticism of the game and refused to patch any of the crap that was in the game. Mainstream reviews, as expected, focused on how pretty the game looks and all the cool powers you had (these were reviewers who likely have never played Espgaluda or Giga Wing), and ignored any gameplay issues that people who regularly play shmups had, as usual.
      • To be fair, mainstream reviewers don't really have a lot of STG experience and probably have to hand in their reviews within a particular timeframe; they usually don't have as much experience with the genre as I (and presumably you) have, so they don't notice all the minor details that bug more experienced players, so this game is a fresh experience to them. It would be like getting into fighting games through Marvel vs. Capcom 3 or platform brawlers through Super Smash Bros. Brawl, getting impressed by all the crazy stuff happening, and wondering why more experienced players dislike these games so much.
  • If everyone in Sine Mora is a furry, why to the statues in the last stage have human faces?
    • No idea. Various statues are human, but bizarrely not all of them. Maybe some of the people on the planet are human? We never see a "full" Imperial citizen.