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Headscratchers: Santa Claus The Movie
  • B.Z's nail teddy bears. How did he get the nails inside the toys? Even with automation you still need to bring a significant number of workers, designers and managers in on this. Did none of them decide that this man was loopy enough that it was worth risking their job to preemptively call the police? Did no one realize that the obvious criminal charges that would be filed the moment someone found out (to say nothing of the civil suits)? For that matter, why did he do it? Did he not realize that this would financially ruin his company and drag its name so far into the mud that it would never see daylight?
    • Like everything he does, For the Evulz.
    • The nails were deliberate, but not just For the Evulz. The bears are clearly supposed to make a bell-like noise when you shake them. B.Z.'s just so amoral that he decided the tinkly noise may as well be made out of nails since they were cheaper than bells.
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