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Headscratchers: Sanctuary
  • Why did show turn itself into something completely different in 3rd season? Was "They look for monsters and protect them" premise bad? No, it was good. Why they felt they need to change it into Warehouse 13 of some sort?
    • Well, the vampires and all that ancient technology was established in season 1, so it's just a plot arc. They still help abnormals find "sanctuary" after all.
      • Or else because the fanbase was screeching that they wanted more than MOTW format by the time S2 ended.
    • Apparently the Hollow Earth arc was just a deviation from the norm for story purposes. They return to the sanctuary and probably normalcy after.

  • If Helen's blood can sustain life, which is why John wanted some in early season one, why not give any to Watson?
    • Perhaps Watson didn't want it.
    • It might have just been something in Magnus' blood which was countering something specific within John's blood that he was looking for her specifically. Note how he didn't even seem interested in Ashley, who would seem to have the same blood traits, but functionally different.

  • So what, exactly, makes something considered an "abnormal"? Since they all have (pseudo) scientific explanations, why aren't they just treated like newly discovered animals, plants, (or, in the case of super-powered humans) genetic conditions?

  • How come Griffin can be so young in Normandy? He doesn't appear to have aged since Victorian times, despite the fact that it's established that his character is completly mortal.
    • Perhaps everyone had a bit of longevity after they dosed themselves with the blood, and it just wore off after awhile whereas Helen's remained. It could also explain why Watson didn't age automatically when they turned off his suit.

  • On a similar note, how come Magnus' father is still alive? He didn't take any vampire blood (IIRC) and it's never mentioned if he took a transfusion of her blood. It's probably a case of it just bugging me, but still, would it kill them to explain?
    • They did. Praxis.

  • Regarding the time dilation field: If anything that "hasn't happened yet" (like people being born) by real-world time is undone, then shouldn't almost all of Will & Magnus's memories of what happened be gone, as well as what's-his-name being shot no longer having happened?
    • This one really JBM personally. It felt like a Voodoo Shark to kill off a random character for purpose of showing the toll the plot had taken. There were all manner of inconsistencies at work otherwise, though. Anyone who'd been in the field for more than 7 years technically now consists of completely new cells... Any significant fraction thereof comes with the rather ghastly notion of a fair portion of your cells being ripped from your body because they "don't exist as a part of your body yet". Alternatively, the atoms could all be reset to their pre-dilation field configurations, but as previously mentioned, that would result in considerable memory loss and un-shooting (not to mention the Indian Sanctuary worker not remaining old... Because he never grew old). Honestly, it was things like that that lead me to stop watching the show. Plus, they destroyed Praxis. I had trouble believing that something Magnus could improvise from a memory of Praxian technology could not have been solved by the Praxians that developed and used the technology.

  • When Ashley is captured by the Cabal in the first season finale, her "cell" consists of a stool she sits on, in the middle of a square of metal about six feet wide, which is electrified. She's not cuffed to the stool, and there is no other barrier. She can't just jump across the thing? (Electricity can arc 1 inch in air for every 1000 volts. They never say how many volts it is, but it would have a maximum, since she could sit on a stool and pull her feet up and not get shocked. She's quite the athlete, so there was nothing stopping her from standing up on the stool and then using the height to get extra distance jumping off. Even if she got shocked, she would be closer to the edge than if she stayed on the stool.)
    • When the Cabal has access to the source blood, they have access to all of the traits of the Five. Yet their operatives, who initially act as agents for stealth, never show any signs of invisibility, one of the known abilities of the Five members, and a great asset in stealth movements.
      • The source blood doesn't give everybody the same powers, it just activates whatever random latent abnormal genes the person already has. That's why the Cabal used special people with abnormal-free DNA as "blank slates" to copy Ashley's genetic makeup on. And Ashley has those abnormal genes from her parents. The far more interesting question is: Why did she manifest the powers of both Druitt *and* Tesla?
      • The Cabal was testing out the process on Ashley, overwriting her DNA with all the source blood 'treatments' and thus all of the abilities. If they were just looking for Ashley's DNA, they wouldn't have needed the source blood in the first place. The 'blank slates' were the subjects and Ashley the prototype.
      • Tesla's power is bioelectricty. His vampire traits are merely latent vampire genes (more of them in him than others). Ashley manifested vampire traits because the source blood is pure vampire DNA, which the Cabal used to trigger said changes in her.
    • It took two weeks to take the power away from a guy who knowingly fired upon and destroyed a civilian craft and took a number of other significantly bad judgment calls. All the while it took barely minutes and a single voice to take sufficient power away from Magnus. Twice Neither time was such a decision made unanimously either apparently (the second time it was claimed, but his authority was questioned by the crew of the ship he was on makes that completely questionable).
      • If memory serves, Magnus herself put in the rules that allowed her to be removed from power. Presumably those rules include failsafes in place to prevent her from taking back power too quickly. Why they didn't just remove Lizard-Beckett and put one of the other sanctuary heads in charge while filing the paper work to give Magnus her job back, who knows.

  • Am I the only one bugged by Clara Griffen and her having to turn invisible to get her key? Why couldn't Druitt just teleport in real quick and grab it? I know that if they'd just done that then we wouldn't have had fanservice, but come on...we wouldn't have had to deal with Clara being an annoying character.
    • Character hate isn't a good JBM, but you at least make a valid point before that. Druitt could have, but he was busy solving his own test. They were on the clock.
    • Helen said her father had put in safeguards in case one or more of the Five had died in the intervening years. Maybe John's ability to teleport to the key was a way of covering their bases if Nigel hadn't passed on his ability to his daughter and Clara.
    • A better question would be why doesn't she still cast a shadow? There have been plenty of invisible heroes that still cast shadows whilst invisible since, you know, there is still something there blocking the light from hitting the ground.

  • Happy to admit I'm wrong here, but didn't Cabal casually kill off the last of the vampires as a plot point? Did anyone else find this particularly jarring given that a few drops of their blood can create a superspecies of millipede that threatened to take over the world if not nipped in the bud; and vampires, themselves, react to direct attacks from Tesla as though they're shrugging off a stiff breeze?
    • The vampires have always been long dead, except for that one incident with the queen in stasis. The Cabal didn't succeed in killing anything, they just wasted the last of the source blood by blowing up the lab it was stored in, thus creating the supervamp millipedes.

  • Why does Ashley call her mother, Mom? Helen was born and raised in England, where we use the term Mum. It sounds silly to bring it up, but they often make note of the British stereotype that she prefers tea over coffee, so why not do this as well?
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