Headscratchers / Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat

Why are the kids named, in order, Winter Melon, Silly Melon Head, and Water Melon?
  • In the episode explaining their names, the incidents go winter melon, water melon, and silly melon head. However, Sagwa is older than Sheegwa. Why are the incidents out of order? Why would Mama and Baba pick the most embarrassing name for their second child? (This bugged me as a kid)
    • Maybe they were planning on following the sequence but when Sagwa was born, they decided that she looked like a Sagwa instead of a Sheegwa and named her thusly. Then when their next kitten came along they named her Sheegwa.
Are the sleeve dogs all male, or is one of them female?
  • I can't seem to find any info about this, and since they all have gender neutral names and identical characteristics, it's hard to so much as figure out which is which).