Headscratchers / Rotten Tomatoes

  • The massive amount of Fan Dumb from users. It's mostly noticeable with classic works with more than a 90% Fresh rating. This usually means that there's a single negative review of the film. Critics will get flamed in the review's comment section for "ruining a perfect score".
    • Oh my god. Toy Story 3 is one of the shining examples of what you just said up there. Except there were three negative reviews and part of the reason that people were outraged was because the first two films have a perfect 100% score there. One of the negative reviews comes from a guy named Armond White, who negative reviews any movie that is good and positive reviews any movie that is bad.
    • These people don't consider the mathematics. Older and/or more obscure films will tend to have fewer reviews. One review out of ten being negative will automatically bring down the percentages to 90% whereas it takes ten negative reviews to do the same when there are a hundred overall, and the odds are that there will be at least one or two people knocking the film.
      • Except that there are over 100 works that have 0 rotten reviews (Off the top of my head, Citizen Kane, the first two Toy Story movies, and Dr. Strangelove).
      • The only one of those with more than 100 reviews collected is Toy Story 2. And Dr Strangelove has one rotten review.
    • If it's a legitimately good movie, what's wrong with that?
      • A movie being good or not is entirely in the eye of the beholder. Everyone is allowed to dislike anything.
  • A lot of films are infamous for the fact that their reviewer score and their viewer score are drastically different. Why don't people start to realize that allowing a few people to have a stranglehold on the success and failure of movies might not be a good idea?
    • Who, the critics? There's a reason why there's a trope for Critic-Proof, because certain films, especially blockbusters, guaranteed to be too much of a success for the critics to give a dent to. Nowadays their real power is in directing smarter moviegoers to lesser known films coming out that wouldn't have received as much publicity if it weren't for the fact that most critics agree that it is good, even great. That's quite a positive step, not a negative one.
      • I can't agree with that. I mean, this site is an unfortunate, and unintentional (I'll believe), transmitter of Reviews Are The Gospel. Granted that also has to do with the individuals themselves who can't see RT's flaws or what the percentage really means. Nevertheless, when has the site ever explicitly stated that these are just opinions?
  • Why isn't there an audience equivalent of Certified Fresh? After all, it's the money made from the box office that makes or breaks a movie. So, considering that regular audience members have more power over a movie, at least in theory, shouldn't the audience be treated as well as the critics are?