Headscratchers / Rogue Trooper

  • Two game-related questions:

    1. When Rogue collects stuff out of dead Norts to salvage for ammunition and other necessities for Bagman to manufacture, where are all the stuff Rogue collects stored in in that not-so-large backpack before Bagman turns them into said necessities?

    2. How was the Traitor General able to breathe after the shield protecting him got diasabled by Rogue in the last level, and given Nu Earth's atmosphere being hazardous due to over-usage of chemical weapons, shouldn't he have suffocated to death? It would make it karmic given this is how he killed Nort Grand Admiral Hoffa.

To question 1: Bag of Holding is in play here.

To question 2: While this is probadly a plot hole there is a comic book explnation. In the comics the chem clouds only went so far leaving a few mountain tops free from its poisonous effects. So its possible the tower Rogue and the General were on were above the chem clouds.

  • A couple of times in the comics localised events (sea wind or geysers) were able to clear the chem clouds from a small area.

  • Another good question is why the Souther troops would immediately think the General was a Souther, given that his face is too messed up to identify and he's wearing a Nort uniform.