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Headscratchers: Revenge of the Sith
  • Do they have birth control in the Star Wars universe? That seems like it would be a sensible thing for Amidala and Anakin to use, given how they were trying to keep their relationship relatively secret, not to mention other complications it would help avoid.
    • Anakin has never been one to show even a hint of foresight, so it's unlikely that he would have thought to suit up. As for Amidala, she seems like the romantic type, and was totally fine with being pregnant. Maybe she was hoping that an upcoming child would convince Anakin to resign from the Jedi Order (others have left the Order in the past) and settle down to live as a real couple.
      • Padme didn't want Anakin to leave the Order at all. She felt it was important for him to stay a Jedi and not waste his talents.
      • Her opinion might have changed as the war raged on, keeping them apart. She might have wanted to reconsider their respective careers.
    • They had been married for a couple years now, so likely they did use contraception beforehand. Probably after three years they just forgot to use it that one time.
      • Or they had an "accident on purpose" by unspoken mutual consent. They probably both wanted to start a family like a normal married couple, and just hoped they could make it work out once it happened.
      • Maybe Anakin subconsciously wanted kids, and his Force-powers suppressed the effects of Padme's birth control pills (or whatever SW women use) without either of them consciously intending it to happen.
  • After seeing the recording of Anakin killing younglings, Obi-Wan says "Let me fight the Emperor." However, at that point in the story, Obi-Wan isn't supposed to know that Palpatine had proclaimed himself Emperor.
    • He might have overheard some of the clones still patrolling the temple talking about it. Though only shown guarding the perimeter in the film, the clones were shown to be patrolling the interior as well in the novel, possibly look for any survivors. Obi-Wan and Yoda make the clone troopers increasingly alarmed by making small patrols disappear and reappear, dead, in out-of-the-way areas.
    • He may also be making a leap of logic based on what he knows of the Sith. Sith like to establish an Empire and an Emperor. Palpatine has just had himself declared grand potentate with sole discretionary power of the Republic. The fact that Palpatine is not actually Emperor in title is effectively a technicality at that point, and Obi-Wan knows that.
    • You know how quickly you learn who the new president is, even if you aren't paying attention to the election? It's like that, only their universe has much better/faster communication and Palpatine outright wants everyone to know he's now in charge. Obi-wan undoubtedly learned on Bail's ship or on his way to the Temple.
  • Why did Palpatine, the most credible threat the Jedi had ever known, stop the (seemingly mandatory) midichlorian testing on all children in the galaxy? He knew at least two of the most powerful Jedi were kicking around somewhere, and he got rid of the midichlorian tests? He could've trained them to be pilots or bodyguards or anything that Force-sensitives have been shown to be inherently talented at, but he didn't. Seems like a huge oversight.
    • I don't remember that being in either the film or the novel for Revenge of the Sith. The Jedi did testing to find new potential Jedi. Palpatine does not need new recruits. My guess that any found Force-sensitives would be exterminated as quickly as possible or otherwise caused to disappear. Palpatine does use Force-sensitives as spies and assassins, Mara Jade being a well-known example.
    • As far as I knew, the midichlorian testing was just the Jedi having centers that people could bring their kids to to get them tested. Either way, this was likely a Jedi run thing. Palpy continuing the practice means he has to explain why to a public that may not like him doing the same thing that the tyrannical and supposedly traitorous Jedi did.
  • Why was Padme's body made to look like she was still pregnant? None of the Senators or Naboo people knew she had been. Only Palpatine knew, but the Jedi wouldn't have known that.
    • She needed to appear pregnant in order to protect the twins. If they're believed to be dead with her, no one is going to be looking for them.
    • Indeed, but there'd need to be someone who'd care to look in the first place. Again, the Jedi didn't know Palpatine knew about her pregnancy, but should know from Bail that none of the other Senators knew yet.
      • Actually, they'd be absolute fools to think that Palpatine would not know of Padme's pregnancy. Anakin knew, to an extent became Vader because of it, creating the possibility that Palpatine would also know something like that. Though Obi-Wan and Yoda may have been unaware that Anakin/Vader was still alive rather than the incredibly charred corpse he appeared to be before donning the iconic black suit, there is no way they would underestimate Palpatine again. If the man even suspected, and probably did sense, Padme's pregnancy, steps to keep the Skywalker twins' existence a secret would be critical. Really, there is very little way the man that orchestrated the twin falls of the Republic and the Jedi Order did not know of the pregnancy. Risking him investigating and discovering two Force-sensitives with the same incredible potential as their father was not an option.
      • Ah. Makes sense, considering Yoda had just witnessed Palpatine's power over the Force.
      • On the other hand, they did see Anakin referred to as Vader on the recording in the Temple, and a dark-side force user named Darth Vader who wears life-support armor popping up might be a tad conspicuous.
      • There's nothing to lose from Obi-Wan and Yoda's perspective by making Padme seem pregnant. OTOH, if anyone knew she was pregnant and then sees her not pregnant during her funeral, then the jig is up. Sure its likely Anakin was the only one who knew and he's likely dead but why take the chance?
  • Why didn't Obi-Wan and Yoda, instead of separately taking on Sidious and Anakin, get a squad of Bail Organa's soldiers, march in together to the Emperor's office and kill the Emperor? And then they can take down Anakin in the same way. Two against one are pretty good odds for Yoda and Obi-Wan And another thing, why did Yoda leave the Senate building. He and Sidious were pretty much equals from what it looked like. He gets knocked to the floor and chooses to run? Why wouldn't Yoda Force his lightsaber to him and try to kill Sidious again? It's only the fate of the ENTIRE GALAXY.
    • Read the novelization. Its clear there that Yoda could not win that fight. Also, it would be incredibly dumb to bring any of Senator Organa's soldiers along on what is technically an assassination, never mind the complications this would add to the plan. As for double-teaming Palpatine and Anakin in turn, there's no reason to assume that they could even get close to one without losing any chance of ever engaging the other one. You take one out, the other gets somewhere safe. Attacking both of them one on one offered the best chance of bringing down the Empire before it really formed.
      • Well, aside from commandeering an ARC fighter and lobbing a few proton torpedoes into Palpatine's office, but Jedi aren't generally fans of what we might call the Mandalorean Method.
      • Yes to the above. If Obi-Wan had accompanied Yoda he would have only been in the way. Dooku utterly manhandles Kenobi with the Force and Sidious is even more powerful than him. A bunch of normal guys with blasters wouldn't help either against one of the most powerful Sith Lords in history. As for lobbing missiles in Palpatine's office, he'd probably sense a huge attack like that coming long before they even get there. In the novel, he sensed Mace's team coming well in advance.
  • What use are buzz droids? If you can hit a ship with a missile, why not just hit the ship with a big warhead and destroy it, rather than use a missile that turns into little droids that try to take the ship apart but still give your target a chance to escape alive (as Obi-Wan does)?
    • For capture purposes, perhaps. Or to bring down shields on larger ships. Also as distractions while other ships attack you.
    • Because you don't have to hit the ship with the missile if you're using a lot of little droids with limited ability to propel themselves, you just have to get the missile into the general vicinity. This is a valuable thing in a war where a notable portion of the opposing forces has supernatural reaction time.
  • So, did Anakin / Vader not, at any point during the time jump between Episodes III and IV, say to Palpatine, "Hey, Master, now sure would be a good time to teach me that bringing-people-back-from-the-dead deal like you promised! Sure would like to see my wife and unborn kids again, maybe give her a heartfelt apology!"? And when it became clear that Palpy either couldn't or wouldn't, why would Vader continue to serve him for another however many years until Luke showed up? I don't buy that he was just biding his time: he had no reason to believe that there would ever be anyone with the Force mojo and the motivation to help him make a credible play for power. Trying to lightshiv him directly might have been suicide given how much more powerful the Emperor is, but either that or making a run for it seem preferable to helping the guy consolidate absolute dictatorial power over the next couple decades.
    • It wasn't a "bringing people back from the dead deal". It was a "stop them from dying" deal. And you're assuming that Vader's going to be rational, when he's clearly so utterly tortured by his own pain and guilt that he can barely think straight until many years after.
      • I believe the exact words were "cheat death," which is certainly open to interpretation, but either way, Palpatine never delivered on his promise, and the whole thing was obviously a huge bait-and-switch in retrospect. Why would Vader keep serving him? I have a hard time believing that he "couldn't think straight" enough to question it for TWENTY YEARS.
    • Several quotes. Sidious tells Anakin that Darth Plagueis "had such a knowledge of the dark side that he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying." Kept from dying, not resurrection. Later he says "You will be able to save your wife from certain death"; he says save her from death, not reverse it. Last quote: "I know we can discover the secret to eternal life." This one comes just after the cheating death line, showing he's taking about cheating it by living forever, not resurrecting. Therefore, once Padme was dead, there was nothing Anakin nor Sidious could do to bring her back.

      As for why Anakin didn't just kill him in retaliation, the novelization answers this. Anakin does try to kill Sidious during his NOOO! outburst, but then relents because Sidious is the only person left who shows him compassion. Also, he knows it's his own fault Padme died, not Sidious's.
    • Plus, and this could just be faulty memory, but I seem to recall an implication that the two would attempt to rediscover this cheating death trick together.
    • Yes, the full line is "To cheat death is a power only one has achieved through centuries of the study of the Force. But if we work together, I know we can discover the secret to eternal life."
    • Also — I think this was in the audio commentary — it's explained that from the moment Palpatine said that line, that they could discover the secret together, Anakin knew he'd been lying the entire time. From then on he was basically just ping-ponging between biding his time until he could kill Sidious, and not wanting to kill Sidious because he was the closest thing to a friend he had left.
    • For what it's worth, the novelization of Return of the Jedi makes clear that Vader is planning to kill/overthrow Sidious, though it leaves his motives vague.
  • Which brings us to the question: Just how many women normally die in childbirth in the Star Wars galaxy? Especially wealthy, politically elite women? After all, their medical science is pretty advanced, and even in the modern day real world mortality rates in childbirth are fairly low. This would suggest that if Padme were going to die, the cause would not be a simple biological one. More likely it would be because of an event that caused her to be injured somehow. If Anakin believed that he could alter destiny by learning some esoteric Force power, would it not be even more logical that he could accomplish the same thing simply by doing a better job of keeping her safe? After all, when his mother was being tortured and dying, he had visions of it. He only learned after the fact that it was because she had simply been abducted by Sand People. The only real problem being that he got there too late to save her, not that she could not have been saved had she been rescued sooner. Of course the joke was on Anakin, since he was really the one who killed Padme via Force Choke, fulfilling his own vision.
    • This was effectively Padme's response to Anakin's vision. Namely, his vision is full of shit because women flat don't die during childbirth on planets like Coruscant. Unfortunately, Anakin paradoxically believes You Can't Fight Fate when it comes to his visions even though he is trying to Screw Destiny at the same time.
    • Supposedly she dies of windpipe damage coupled with severe depression, although one has to wonder about medical science that A) can save a man who loses 30% of his body mass to amputations and then receives third-degree burns over his remaining body, and yet B) has no concept of respiratory repair or 'antidepressants'. Heck, if she's that bad-off, have her frozen in carbonite until they develop a cure for Plot-Mandated Fatality Syndrome.
      • Well, they didn't have carbonite freezers (or whatever you call it) and you need to know something is wrong to do something about it. The droid doctors probably didn't have enough programmed information/experience to deal with humans since the mining station does not seem to have a single human that didn't arrive there on Padme's ship. Padme's situation is a bit specific, so it might have been hard to diagnose. This is what happens when you have major medical problems on the aft end of nowhere where humans are few and far between.
  • How does Darth Sidious manage to keep his hoodie up the entire time while dueling Yoda, jumping down a long distance, getting tossed, doing a backflip, and hanging on to a ledge for dear life?
    • The Force/Velcro/Safety pins.

  • Sorry if this has been asked already, but why didn't Obi-Wan Mercy Kill Anakin after cutting off his legs and watching him catch on fire? Wouldn't that have been the compassionate thing to do, instead of screaming "You were my brother! I loved you!" and running away to leave him to die in agony? Are the Jedi against euthanasia? Did Obi-Wan want him to suffer? Or was it that he just could not bring himself to wield the killing blow (though of that's the case, he's kinda a hypocrite.)
    • In the novel it was explained, that at that exact moment the Emperor was approaching, and Obi didn't have time to go down the slope and stab Ani. Sure, he could've Force Pushed the bastard into lava or hurled the sword at him, but he also fancies that yes, he cannot bring himself up to killing a defenceless enemy.
    • Further, the novel also explains that Obi-Wan, having had his entire Order destroyed by someone he considered his brother, wasn't feeling particularly merciful. Dark though it may be, part of him WANTED Anakin to suffer on the lava bank.
    • He considers both of those points, the need to get Padme medical attention, and the chances of Sidious being able to save Anakin and ultimately decides to leave it to the will of The Force.

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