[[folder: Magical leeches, away!]]
* Leeches and leech zombies. Leeches have an anesthetic in their saliva when they bite, so the main characters and the people on the train shouldn't be in pain over them. Leeches are also not acidic, so the leech zombies shouldn't cause that sort of burning to the characters.
** These things are Marcus's pet project. They form human shapes, have a HiveMind, and have a mouth on their belly, as opposed to a real leech's mouth (which is at the front end of its body). ''[[CaptainObvious These ain't normal leeches.]]'' All bets are officially off.

[[folder: The Medic who Doesn't Have Anything Medical]]
* Rebecca is a medic, but she starts out with no healing items. This is semi-justified for gameplay purposes, though. But it's still kind of stupid seeing as she's {{the medic}} of S.T.A.R.S.
** She does have a chemical mixing kit though, it could have some medical items that didn't show up due to gameplay reasons.

[[folder: Jumping the (Zombie) Shark?]]
* As LetsPlay/TheDarkId mentions in his LetsPlay, zombie sharks. What possible use is there for a zombie shark that a regular shark couldn't do? ''Why'' would you deliberately make a zombie shark in the first place?
** Just to see if it works.
*** Also, [[RuleOfCool it's freakin' awesome]].
** They were probably created as research specimens to study the effects of the T-Virus on non-human creatures. I doubt they were intended as practical bioweapons.
** For starters, zombifying the shark is presumably just a preliminary stage in the process. Step two would be finding some way to control the resultant monster. In which case you now have an army of giant zombie sharks at your beck and call, as opposed to real sharks, which can't be tamed. Plenty of ways to use that to terrorize enemy shipping and coastal communities.
*** To say nothing of the ''other'' projects that could be run using infected sharks as a basis. The shark equivalent to Hunters, for example.

[[folder: Light my fire with... something...]]
* Small one, this, but: in Zero, you can create Molotov cocktails with which to torch leech zombies. Not really a problem, except for the fact that you can do this while playing solo with Rebecca, and can do so ''before'' Billy finds fuel for his otherwise-useless lighter. How does it ignite? Does Rebecca have a tinderbox handy?
** Perhaps. Mercenaries Reunion hints that she's something of a pyro, as one of her special attacks is a flame spray.
** An empty Zippo can still strike sparks.

[[folder: MPs killed by something non-human? Has to be the work of the escaped convict!]]
* Am I the only one bugged by the fact that Bravo Team thought Billy killed the [=MPs=], when the wounds don't look like anything a human could do?
** What sounds more plausible? The dangerous prisoner traveling with the [=MPs=] killed them, or they were killed by zombie viral leeches psychically controlled by an immortal madman?
** They could've theorized that animals were eating the corpses or something, at the very least.
** Too hard a sell. Admittedly, that would've been inductive reasoning, but this was before the rampaging outbreak and the mansion incident. What else could they have theorized?
** What's especially dumb is the position of the bodies suggests the van crashed and the [=MPs=] were flung through the windshield. Forget Billy. Forget the leeches. Why didn't S.T.A.R.S. [[TakeAThirdOption assume]] they died in the crash and ''then'' Billy escaped? I'll accept that they had no idea about the leeches, but for them to assume they were murdered as opposed to killed in a car crash when everything points to a violent wreck is strange.
*** Perhaps their assumption was that Billy had broken free and started a scuffle that ''caused'' the crash?

[[folder: Alright Rebecca, there are dangerous monsters and cannibals out here, so you go off by yourself and we'll stay together. Sound Good? Good!]]
* On that note, why is it that {the medic} is being sent off on her own, seeing as how, you know, ''she's supposed to be a non-combatant?'' Let alone, being sent off when there's what they believe to be a burly convicted murderer running around, who could probably overpower her without them knowing?
** She's a S.W.A.T. Medic, not an Army medic. They don't abide by the Geneva Convention rules on unarmed medical personnel. Police medics can usually handle themselves (as indeed she does), but the whole LetsSplitUpGang part was pretty dumb, even by [=RE=] standards.
** We can blame Rebecca on this. Bravo Team spreads out with sidearms looking for the killer. She's the one who decides to investigate the train with no backup.

[[folder: Our commanding officer tells us to stop killing innocents? Let's ignore him!]]
* Okay, I was looking up about Billy's rank in the Marines. Apparently, a [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Lieutenant_(United_States)#United_States 2nd Lieutenant leads a group of 16-44 Marines in combat.]] So why did two of the platoon listen to the other Marine, rather than Billy? What, was that one who ordered the execution, let's call him Bob for now, a higher rank than Billy?
** Presumably he did outrank Billy. It may have been a small mission where Billy had a superior officer along and a smaller contingent of Marines than usual. Alternatively, Billy was a new officer and the ranking NCO and the soldiers beneath him were on someone's payroll. Just mutiny and blame the new officer.
** It's entirely possible that they went in with two lieutenants; the operation was high-risk, after all. When the Allies went into Normandy, for example, all paratrooper platoons had two lieutenants and double the usual number of senior [=NCOs=] assigned to them because of losses due to attrition.
** A 2nd LT is a junior officer, a newly commissioned Marine. This would be one of his first actual outings with his platoon. The men would hardly know him, whereas they very much would know their platoon sergeant. All it would take is for the platoon sergeant to give the word and the rest of the platoon might very well be willing to blame the new CO for their crimes. Billy might also have been serving as a second-in-command to a 1st LT.
** Billy says he went in with his "unit", and that their leader was the one who ordered them to do the village. He also calls said leader "sir" in the flashback, so it was an officer who outranked him. I'm thinking the mission was undertaken by his whole company, led by a captain, with Billy leading one the company's platoons.

[[folder: Wrong turn?]]
* So if there was no guerrilla hideout for Billy's unit to find, just an ordinary peasant village, what killed his teammates other than the African heat, and where did all those traps come from? Or did they just simply take a wrong turn?
** The latter. They just happened to find a village that had no guerilla presence. Or, the guerillas had fled by the time they got there.

[[folder: Does Rebecca have amnesia?]]
* Rebecca survived the whole ordeal and made it to the spencer mansion. She knows a great deal about the evil Umbrella corporation, BOW's, etc. So why doesn't she provide any of this very relevant information to Chris when he finds her? She may even know of Wesker's treacherous nature based on the files she found and Marcus' flashbacks.
** Given the limited time they spend together and Chris not mentioning Wesker - he disappears for prolonged periods in Chris' campaign, after all, much like Barry for Jill - she might not have thought the information was pertinent, or maybe thought Marcus had a few screws loose, or was just too plain exhausted to tell Chris anything.