Headscratchers: Requiem from the Darkness

    • She didn't want her father to give in to the bandits' demand? Still a little extreme though.
  • The one sided romance between Ogin and Momosuke seemed random and to just appear suddenly one episode. Although it's understandable, and Ogin returning it in later episodes seemed just as random, if not more so.
    • Well, since it was established that varying amounts of time passed between episodes (a few months in at least one case) it's possible that we're supposed to assume Momosuke's relationships with the characters develops more offscreen. I mean, onscreen he also goes to seeing the crew as murderers to seeing them as heroes with very little development, which is arguably weirder. The only thing this Troper can imagine is that everyone grew closer during the downtime between missions. But yeah, the end result does look pretty random.
  • Brief question: Can Ogin actually fight?
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