Headscratchers / Pride

  • It just bugs me how often this trope is used for justification for a really strong antagonist, like say, Gilgamesh or Voldemort, not going full out on the protagonists, even though if they did, they could easily have won. They say Fatal Flaw. I say Plot-Induced Stupidity.
  • Okay, this is a little off-topic, but it really bugs me. I see a lot of artwork for the Seven Deadly Sins on Deviant ART, but nine out of ten times, they seem to portray pride as vanity. Is it just easier to render in a single drawing, or are most of the artists just looking for a way to make it look "pretty"? Or is it just easier?
    • Vanity is the easiest way to show pride. Pride doesn't really have an action to it that easily clicks into your head like Gluttony(overeating) or Greed(Hoarding stuff). Rule of Perception.
  • Yeah, what bugs me is how negative this is portrayed. I mean seriously, is it that wrong to be proud of yourself for your achievements? Why always so negative?
    • It's not wrong to be proud of your achievements. The deadly sin of pride is about taking that pride up to 11, being unbelievably arrogant about how awesome your achievements are, even when they're not. Hubris and narcissism.
    • True, but not all works treat Pride in such a negative light and that should be reflected on the trope page.