Headscratchers / Prep and Landing

  • How does a standard half-hour one-shot Christmas special get a full, red-carpet premiere!?

  • The special claims that the Prep & Landing unit explains how Santa can visit all the children in the world in one night. Umm, no it doesn't. The preparations themselves take so much time that it makes you wonder how much Santa has to wait for them. Not that it really matters (it's a Santa Claus story after all) but the basic premise doesn't work very well.
    • There could be a magical time-stretch, as explained in The Santa Clause. However, they should've at least mentioned that if it were true.
    • There may be other Prep elves aside from the focus characters. If that's the case, then it's not explained very well.
      • When Lanny and Wayne first take off with Thrasher, you can see a bunch of other elves with them, one of whom turns on her goggles (as seen in the first sequence). (That was the girl to whom he'd bragged about being the Director of the Naughty List. Guess she just figured it was a pick-up line before.)
    • The Law of Conservation of Detail. At some point, if they kept explaining everything, it'd go down the rabbit hole and end up being Discovery Channel: Santa Special as opposed to a fun little holiday-themed short.
      • it's Cleary Stated Thrasher is the Last Transport out this implies other Transports and other teams

  • So the special shows that the elves check the milk and cookies left for Santa in America, but what about the Brits that leave him sherry and mince pies? Surely a Disney Santa doesn't drink alcohol.
    • They probably carry detectors for that too. But since they don't need to detect those in the specials, we don't see them.

  • What Marvel Universe did the Mansion: Impossible comic happen in?
    • Earth 616