Headscratchers / Porco Rosso

  • So Curtis paid off Porco's debt in full. But what about the money Porco gave to Piccolo already? Did they take it off the bill, or is the bill overpaid now?
    • Let's think about this. Let's say the plane repairs cost 10,000,000 lire. So the debt is 10 million lire at the start. Then let's say Porco then pays 6 million lire. So now his debt is 4 million lire. That's the debt Curtis pays off. There. No confusion, no overpayment. Math solves everything.
  • Is the implication supposed to be that Porco's curse is self-inflicted due to his survivor's guilt over his dead allies?
    • Yes. More was explained in the manga, but it got scrapped in the storyboard stage for the anime for ambiguity.
  • Curtis told Porco about Gina's true feelings at the end of Round One of their fight. So why did Porco wait six more rounds to say anything about it?
    • Watch it again. We see some of Round 1, cut away to Gina, then cut back to the end of Round 6. Notice that they're both smashed up and a lot weaker than they were in Round 1. Curtis tells Porco about Gina, then Round 6 ends.
    • In the manga there's no Gina, and the boxing went over 30 rounds.