Headscratchers / PlayStation 3

  • Why is it that 3rd-party companies still made games for the PS3 even though it's in last place behind the 360 and the Wii for the longest time. I find it ironic that most of the best 3rd-party games were on the 2nd (360) and 3rd (PS3) place consoles and the 1st place console had mostly 3rd-party shovelware the whole time for the Wii. Which was the complete opposite for the PS2, Xbox, and Nintendo GameCube, where barely any 3rd-parties made games for GCN and developed more games on the PS2 and even the Xbox (in America that is). Don't get wrong, I love my PS3 more than the Wii and I thought the 360 was going to win the last console war with the Wii in 2nd.
    • Because the Wii was basically a slightly improved Gamecube with motion controls and a lot of developers treated it as the party game console (as did most gamers). Don't believe me? Look at Sonic Team, every multi-platform game they did, they gave the Wii the same basic port as the PS2 version.