Headscratchers / Planets

  • Mr. Oginuma has apparently mastered all of the psyches... How is this possible if it is supposedly impossible to suddenly gain the powers of a new psyche? Was he simply very lucky and born with all of them?
    • Actually not that weird. Lucan has two psychs (Telekinesis and Imprinting which belongs to Telepathy), Kaius somewhat managed two (apparently a minor form of Telepathy since he actively blocks Marin out and his own destructive powers). Oginuma's powers appear to mirror Kaius's, just with the difference that he can properly use Telepathy, but seems to be less destructive.
    • During Lucan's route, it is suggested that it happens that some people have two psychs. It is rare, but not unheard of. We see three characters out of supposedly 200 people have two psychs, two of them being related (psychs are heritary according to the lore in the game, thus making sense that both can use two psychs).