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Headscratchers: Pikmin
  • I have concerns about Louie's grandma/auntie. Did she mistreat Louie or something? It's said that she always made Louie play outside with bugs when he was little, making me assume she didn't actually spend time with him herself. There's also the fact that she always made Louie finish everything on his plate, even if he was too full, making him the Big Eater he is today. Eventually all you get is letters from Louie's grandma/auntie sending preserved bug foods. Not preserved bugs. Bug food. Did she even feed him real food she made him finish eating? Sure, it sounds funny, but still, it makes me wonder...
    • Maybe it's actually cooked bugs.
  • The creatures. Since it's pretty much confirmed Pikmin and Pikmin 2 take place on Earth, it makes me wonder about the creatures. What the hell happened?! There's snakes with bird heads, caterpillars that spit rocks, strange Bulborb creatures classified as Grub-Dogs, creatures that resemble loaves of bread, freaky spiders, a strange fish like creature with a gun, the goddamn Waterwraith, and above all, Pikmin! How did these creatures come to be...? I know evolution would seemingly be a logical answer, but it doesn't seem to be the thing for most of these creatures...
    • Nuclear apocalypse, maybe?
    • I'm of the camp that Olimar is human-sized, but a nuclear incident enlarged humans to about 100 feet. Their new civilization crumbled and humans went extinct on their own while the local irradiated insects thrived.
    • So somehow radiation made all the animals, grasses, flowers, trees, and even artificial items regarded as treasures like shoes and bottle caps 100 times larger as well? That's well beyond I Love Nuclear Power...
      • Additionally, the game manual for Pikmin 1 contains a chart that indicates that Olimar is only one inch tall.
  • In the ending to Pikmin 2, what happened to the Purple and White Pikmin? Their only home up to this point was the ship, but it had taken off to Hocotate. And, seeing as the Distant Planet's atmosphere is deadly to Olimar, Hocotate's atmosphere might be deadly to the Pikmin unless they — or at least the cave-grown types — have some unstated resistance to it. What really raises the question is the "first" ending when you only pay off the debt and do not get all the treasures: the ship returns to Hocotate, goes back to the planet, but the Purples and Whites are still inside the ship. Does this mean that for both endings, Olimar brought two types of Pikmin to his homeworld twice?
    • If you watch the 17/5/2013 footage for Pikmin 3, what looks like a new type of Onion is hanging from a plant, the player has to grab it with the Pikmin, they can store multiple types of Pikmin at once, rather then just one type.. Whether these Onions evolved from the ones in previous games or are a completely new type of Onion isn't known but I suspect they adapt themselves to whatever Pikmin type gets inside it. Thus, White and Purple Pikmin likely were able to hole up inside these new Onions. Since Blue, Red and Yellow Onions aren't able/willing to store Purple and White Pikmin the only alternative is that they were eaten. The new Onion type is literally the only way to store these types of Pikmin.
    • Also, at one point you can see Grey Pellets being carried by Rock Pikmin, meaning they really were being eaten by the Medusal Slurker. It's likely that these new Onions generate a number of Pikmin based on the colour of the Pellet instead of whichever Onion the pellet enters. The real question then is "what happens if they carry a dead enemy back to the Onion?"
  • Why is the Mamuta a Gentle Giant, but its younger form, the Smokey Progg, is a downright Eldritch Abomination? I mean, you would think that creatures would get more agressive, not less.
    • The Smokey Progg is believed to be Malformed, and if you look at it, it's practically decaying as you fight it, so it could be more aggressiveness towards what it perceives as a threat for prematurely hatching it.
    • The Mamuta is not gentle, lacks the ability to kill Pikmin. It still buries them against their wishes and attacks the captains for no other reason than noticing them. Plus larval forms tend to have different diets than the adults. Why would an adult bury Pikmin and the Larva uproot them?
    • Fridge Brilliance: The parent Mamuta plants the Pikmin and grows them into leaves because it has grown to prepare food for it's newborn baby when it hatches, which is why the Smokey Progg can uproot them: to eat!
  • In the promotional media for Pikmin 1, the Smokey Progg was often refered to as the 'God/Lord of Pikmin' (forget which exactly). My question... Why? I mean, I could understand the Mamuta sense they flower Pikmin willingly, but other than the fact that it's theoryed to be a malformed Mamuta larva and can uproot Pikmin with a roar, there's nothing in-game that really suggest it has any special connection to the Pikmin.
    • According to the wiki for Pikmin, it's the Mamuta itself that is referred to as the "God of Pikmin" by the Prima guide. God in this case being more along the lines of Protector. Considering that it plants pikmin and nothing seems to bother them when they are still in the ground. It also refers to Smoky Progg as the Lord. Why the latter is referred to as a Lord could be due to its roar resembling how a king would tell it's subjects to rise (in this case out of the ground).
  • While it is a part of the gameplay that the creatures instinctively go after and eat your Pikmin, it doesn't make a lot of sense that something as big as a snagret would go after your tiny Pikmin when there are other enemies that would make a better meal. Why have a single tiny Pikmin when there's a fat juicy Dwarf Bulborb?
    • Bulborbs can bite back, and Pikmin until Olimar's arrival were largely helpless. Additionally, you might be approaching the Snagret with a large group of Pikmin that collectively equals more food than a Bulborb.
    • Alternatively, the same reason whales eat krill, which are like a thousand times smaller than them.
  • Why is Olimar so willing to return to the Pikmin homeworld in Pikmin 2? He went through all of the first game horrified by the deaths he was causing by being there. Sure, he kept at it for the sake of survival, but it doesn't make much sense for him to actively go back there and cause even more death, all for the sake of his company. Surely an experienced space pilot of Olimar's resolve and intelligence could find another job? And even if he is so determined to keep Hocotate Freight afloat, why doesn't he show any signs of sadness or regret over what he continues to do to the planet's creatures in any of Pikmin 2?
    • Olimar might have actually wanted to help President. Remember the black hole loan sharks?
  • Why do enemies give Pokos in Pikmin 2, if not just for something that happens when you take them to the ship? If the Hocotatians would pay 15 Pokos for an Emperor Bulblax to put in their living room, they've got problems.
    • One can sell them for food. With Louie's recipes, they could be edible.
    • There's also the possiblity that scientist/biologiest would want to study these strange creatures from a realitively new planet never heard of before. Olimar does mention in a few of his notes on the creatures in Pikmin 2 that several scientist have been studying and dissecting the creatures on the planet.
  • What about the Pokos? The Hocotatian public obviously purchases them, but how do the items get to Hocotate? I'm assuming the Pokos aren't actually with Olimar and Louie, just sent as numeric data to the ship while the real money goes to Hocotate Freight, but does the ship have some sort of transporting mechanism to send the items and enemies over? It can fit very large enemies in it...
  • I just thought of yet another thing. How do Olimar, Louie, Alph, Brittany, and Charlie use whistles through space hemets?
    • If you look closely at Alph, Brittany, and Charlie's ingame models, you'll notice they actually have whistles indented into their space helmets. How that works while still filtering out water/oxygen, it's probably best to not think about it too hard.
      • Yep, a lot of headscratchers come from overthinking! But I never noticed the whistle-helmets. How the Hocotatians do it is still a mystery. The Koppai crew always seemed more advanced anyway.
      • Well, in Pikmin3 we get a good look at Louie's spaceship at the swamp and it does have the same built-in whistle there. Still no idea how they did that before.
      • Well, in the new Smash Bros. and when he appears in Pikmin 3, Olimar also has a whistle indented into his helmet as well. Whether this has always been the case and the GC just couldn't render it properly, or it was recently added to quell this Fridge Logic, we'll have to wait and see if Word of God says anything about that.
  • So, when Alph and Brittany are discussin Hocotatian feeding habits(they're vegetarian, as it turns out), it suddenly bugged me: why are they only going after fruit, then? There are massive sources of meat in this planet, what's the objection they have to eating bulborb or snagret?
    • Could be they're too squicked out at the ideal to consider it. Afterall, so far the only one whose considered eatting the planets creatures is Louie, and he has noted that a lot of the creatures have some nasty side effects if you eat the wrong ones. Besides, the fruit seeds give a more sustainable food scource due to being able to cultivate them as opposed to the rather dangerious task of hunting the creatures on the planet.
  • In the end, why is the onion in Pikmin 3 so different from the onions in Pikmin 1 and 2? They have this weird technological look, and they merge into only one(OOC, obviously because a landing point for one ship and 5 onions would be hella big), but that was never explained or touched on.
    • Most common theory is that the Onions in Pikmin 3 are Onions at a later stage in their evolution cycle. Could also be a different species of Onion all together though, like how their are many different types of Bulborbs.
  • Something I always wondered and was hoping Pikmin 3 would answer, but... Would White Pikmin be immune to Puffstool spores? Their primary ability is the fact that they're immune to toxins, and some spores could be considered toxic so...
    • Probably. In fact, that would be a great opportunity to have a boss/miniboss that would be better fended off with the whites. Unfortunately the Puffstool never came back(and it might be for the best, considering White Pikmin are a rather limited resource).
  • In Pikmin 1, Olimar after retrieving the geiger counter mentions that it keeps making clicks and noises. Incase you don't know, a geiger counter measures radiation levels. Does that mean the ENTIRE planet is contaminated with radiation?
    • If you take some WMGs seriously, yes.
  • Why are some parts like the analog computer, the pilot's seat, the interstellar radio, the gieger counter, etc. required? The analog computer falls out of the ones and zeros range, making it vauge, the pilots seat is... just a seat, the interstellar radio emits a S.O.S. signal and broadcast voices to keep olimar from getting lonely, and the gieger counter measures radiation. And those are necessary to get the ship off the planet how?
  • What is the practical application of a suit that knocks you out when you are in danger?
    • More accurately, it puts you to sleep if you experience a big surprise. Maybe it's a prank, or maybe it's for people with heart conditions?
  • In the final level of Pikmin 3, they say that you can't go up the geyser with Olimar. Why? It was perfectly safe for the Koppai trio to go up. Better yet, why not just have Winged Pikmin carry him up?
  • Okay. So in one of the many character conversations Alph, Brittney, and Charlie have, they make mention of how they actually can breathe oxygen, but PNF-404's oxygen levels are way higher than what a Koppaite can normally handle. Later on when the crew brings Louie aboard their ship, whose a Hocotatien, which oxygen is highly poisonous too, he's seen there without his helmet on. This brings the question, if the Koppai crew is breathing oxygen in their ship, albeit lower levels of it than what's on PNF-404, how come Louie doesn't end up dying during the time it takes for the Koppai crew to track down Olimar and gather all the fruit?

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