Headscratchers / Phoenix

  • In Strange Beings what was the original crime that forced Sakon to serve as a healer?
  • In Yamato, why did Ozuna kill Takeru? Killing him basically played right into his father's hands (who Ozuna rebelled against anyway), and I don't see how killing Takeru would have helped the people of Yamato at all (and making the people happy seems to be Takeru's motivation).
    • Something about "honor", no?
  • In Future, Rock invites Yamanobe to go to space with him. He seems convinced that yes, bringing a guy who you've been bossing around for a while now, who obviously seems to dislike you, is a very good idea. He gets rejected. What to do? Come to the fantastic, brilliant solution that bringing a girl along with you will allow you to repopulate the human race. Uh, what did he need Yamanobe for?
    • Rock outright states that Tamami isn't human; he basically considers her an animal, and he'd need someone to talk to as he attempts to restart the human race. Additionally, Rock may have been taking genetic stability into consideration: Given Yamanobe's relationship with Tamami, Rock probably figured it would be easy to get them to reproduce. The only other human around is Saruta, who's old enough that he may not even be genetically viable and - due to his advanced age compared to the younger guys - wouldn't live nearly as long.
  • In Resurrection, why can't Leon just watch a live video feed of everything to see things as normal? He does see recorded video as normal so live video should be the same. This could even be made into a form of helmet to provide him with perfect vision. The manga was, AFAIK, written in the 1970s; a live video feed was a common idea by the time.