Headscratchers / Patapon

  • The lack of a pause function. Seriously, this is always a complete No-No whatever the genre or platform, but not having pause on a portable game can't be forgiven, ever.
    • Haven't tested it, but presumably the 'hard pause' of flicking the system off would still work. Still an oversight in the game design, granted.
    • Works if you can immediately pick up the beat after flicking on the system. Really hard to do so though.
    • Patapon 3 WILL have a pause button.
    • Been playing Patapon 3. If there is one, I can't find it.
      • You have to finish the first training course all the way through. At the end you find the Patapon song ("Pata Pon Pata Pon") which pauses the game immediately on completion, and puts the squad under the Chaka Chaka song's effects when you unpause.