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Headscratchers: Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure
  • The Earth Defense Force and Rara fight a war. But it's not a bitter war... Surrendering breaks off fights immediately and without loss of life for the Earth Defense Force...It seems Rara are the only ones allowed to invade, since bringing Kazuki's mech just over the border is enough to capture him.
    • Apparently, they can only fight in designated areas only when a match is declared. Also, it's hinted that the EDF won fights that weren't declared by Rara; at one point, there was a mention that they were at the same place months ago in terms of progress with the war.
      • Also, part of Rara's reasoning for stealing the artifact and being the big bad in the paralell world was to limit loss of life and war by controlling the artifact technology. He even goes to the point of issuing attack "trailers" calling out where he will invade and at what time so The EDF can evacuate people. This troper found the whole "game" aspect of the war refreshing, and wished they'd have spent a little more time on it.
  • Were D's people Juraian? And if so, what happend to the others?
    • Given how the control cockpits of the robots are just like the ones on Geminar, the implication strongly suggests D & her technology were from Geminar's precursor history, with some differences.
  • How exactly was anyone able to measure Kazuki's negative life sympathy? Every other pilot has positive life sympathy, why would the machines measuring it go as low as 200% negative? What kind of baseline are they even using. What does 'negative' life sympathy even mean? According to the other wiki, life sympathy has something to do with exerting your will over a robot. Shouldn't negative life sympathy mean that it's impossible to use the machine?
  • Why make Kazuki pretend to be Mitsuki Sanada's sister in the first place, in fact, why couldn't they modify the original pilot suit for civilian purposes, to hide Kazuki's identity.
    • To give a plausible explaination in case anyone saw that Mitsuki & Kazuki lived in the same house?

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