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Headscratchers: Paperinik New Adventures
  • In "Beato Angelico" Angus showed a blurry, miscolored, image of Xadhoom as part of a news broadcast. But, near the end of the issue, it's stated that there were gigabytes of pictures. If so, surely he'd have something better....
    • Not necessarily: most of their data was stated to be about the Evronians, and given how sneaky Xadhoom is when on Earth they probably had just one occasion, when, during the events of issue #17, she was hallucinating that everyone was an Evronian. That picture shows her charging an energy blast, so chance is she encountered one of their information-searching teams, mistook them from Evronians, and when she confronted them they managed to take that one picture before being hit by said blast...

  • In the Bad Future caused by the Raider's Death, Trip, his son, is adopted by the Organization to take his place, and becomes the Gryphon. However, "Raider" is actually the title given to the best agent of the Organization. So why didn't Trip get it (especially given it was his dad's title)?
    • Likely for the same reason that Nightwing doesn't have a bat-related name; A Man's Got to Go His Own Way. Possibly also for practicality, and/or safety: Trip calling himself "The Raider" would practically scream a connection to the previous holders of the title, potentially giving away his identity, making it easy for rogue or hostile temporal factions to eliminate him retroactively, or even for the Organization itself to do so, should he go turncoat on them.

  • Why did Paperinik reveal his secret identity so easily to Xadhoom? For all the rest of the series it's a big deal (even Lyla had to figure it out by herself). I understand telling it to One, so they can stay in contact also when he is not in costume, but all Xadhoom cared was his help in killing the most Evronians possible.
    • Because of the shared experience; she understands better than anyone why he would prioritize keeping that hidden, as on the single occasion somebody worked out who she was, the situation almost instantly deteriorated from 'Leave no survivors' to that person having leverage over her, namely using the Xerbians as a bargaining chip; without that knowledge, the Emperor would likely never have thought of that.
    • Leaving aside that One too found it out on his own (and by accident) before ever meeting PK and Lyla found it out before becoming an ally, Paperinik has an habit of revealing his identity to people, on condition they aren't inclined to tell around or blackmailing him and that it's unlikely they can be forced to tell. Hence why Donald's relatives and Daisy don't know, Gyro would take memory-wiping pills every time he finds out (his own idea) and Xadhoom was told: Don doesn't trust Daisy and his relatives to accidentally or willingly blab it out or, in case of Scrooge and Gladstone, blackmail him, Gyro could be easily kidnapped and forced to tell, and Xadhoom has no reason to blackmail him or blab it and is too invincible to be forced to say.

  • In issue 17 "Fallen Star", One is monitoring a wounded Xadhoom, and assures Paperinik that his sensors would alert him if she tried to leave from the door or the window, but later Paperinik himself makes her go out from the door and One doesn't notice this. Why?

  • Why did Paperinik entrust General Westcock with the datapack containing Xadhoom's memories when he has a secret floor to keep it? In fact, why did he bring it with him during a mission to an Evronian base?
    • I don't know, actually. Redundancy, perhaps: in case of Two returning yet again, it would be best if something that sensitive was kept away from him. If One wanted to access it for examination, he could do so easily, regardless of the distance. When did PK bring it with him? IIRC, it had been stolen, and he was just retrieving it.
      • I'm not talking about "In The Shadow": I'm talking about issue 44, when they traveled to the dark side of the Moon to negotiate peace with a group of Evronians. At the end of that mission he gave the datapack to Westcock while they were on the shuttle to go back to Earth, which means he had it with him all along.
      • OH! Well, I'll say intimidation tactics, as to why he brought it along, and redundancy, as to why he gave it to Westcock.

  • In his first appearance Two stated he was able to monitor everything in the Ducklair Tower; in fact it's how he learned Paperinik was suspecting One and manipulated him in shutting him down. Then how could he not know about Ducklair's return?
    • Perhaps it was an Outside Context Problem? Not to mention that he was rather pre-occupied at the moment.
    • Considering One was able to juggle between Paperinik and Ducklair I don't think Two would had problems. Then again, Ducklair came back fully knowing the AI was the problem, so he probably had some kind of MacGuffin with himself to not be detected. Of course if this was the case it would have been nice let us know.

  • In PK2, does Lyo know Paperinik's Secret Identity? Donald is usually in costume around him, but issue 16 showes that he has no problem in changing to his civilian person inside the Century.

  • Didn't Paperinik gain Psychic Block Defense in a training with Everett? Then how come he falls victim of Korinna?
    • Likely, he lost it again after some time. Hard to use a skill you don't regularly get to practice, after all.
    • Or maybe Korinna was just that more powerful. Everett is much more powerful than Paperinik and has more experience than Korinna and training at the monastery and yet he was barely able to hold his own against Korinna, I dare say Paperinik's psychic defenses just weren't up to par.

  • This may well be an odd question, considering how many I've answered, but what exactly are Xadhoom's powers?
    • She absorbed the energy of Xerba's sun and can manipulate it in several ways, much like Superman: she can use it for flight, produce powerful blasts, turn intangible, shapeshift to a limited extent, as well as the classic Flying Brick power of Super Strength and Super Speed, as well as not needing food, water and air.
      • So there is an Equivalent Exchange aspect to it? In creating the new Xerbian sun, she simply returned the energy to form a new star?
    • Well, she said that the font of her powers are thermonuclear processes, so I think that by absorbing the power for the sun she bacame a minuature sun. Probably she menaged to turn herself into a sun by letting her powers grow without venting them.

  • Why was Paperinik so reclutant in helping the PBI in "Operation Haephestus"? He had done way more dangerous things in the past. Heck, he once jumped on an Evronian ship with no hesitation to help Xadhoom. In the end he even destroys his badge of honorary PBI agent, something he was proud to be in past issues. Why?
    • Because he was feeling himself used: he doesn't mind helping, but they roped him into it by treating him as an actual agent. Considering Paperinik's full name is Paperinik the Devilish Avenger and the shit he pulled in the non-PKNA stories (like catching every single criminal in Duckburg in one night because he wanted a vacation but didn't trust them to not sack the city while he was away), they got away easy.

  • Considering that Evronians are born from spores that are planted by machines, does this mean they are a race with no genders?
    • Well, do they ever refer to each-other by gender-specific pronouns, as in 'he'/'she'?
    • In the original Italian, they refer to each-other by male-specific pronouns, but I always figured it was because Italian lacks a gender-neutral pronoun.

  • Does anybody else think that it was strange for One to not know anything about Paperinik? He was already famous before the series started, and he can get his hands on every news broadcast and newspaper. It just seems strange.

  • After his first encounter with the Coolflames, why didn't Paperinik go to his usual technical expert (Gyro) to ask for more powerful weapons?
    • Because the plot mandated otherwise.
    • Well, okay, but what about a in-story reason?
      • There isn't one.
    • He just didn't have the time that night. He did it offscreen one or two nights later, and PKNA #0/1 later showed the encounter.

  • Why exactly did Korinna take that job as caretaker and private teacher?
    • Because she needed food and clothes, and using psychic powers to steal them would just call a swarm of Ducklairbots on her.
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