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Headscratchers: Paper Mario
  • You can find Luigi in Rogueport with a new chapter of his own adventure (and a partner to prove it) every time you return with a crystal star. Then why can he sometimes be seen in the audience of your battles? Isn't he supposed to be off on his own adventure?
  • So... anyone remember that chest in the first game that Peach uses to transport stuff to Mario? What exactly stopped her from jumping into it? There was plenty of room!
    • Peach had no idea where the other chest was.
      • She knew it WASN'T in her/Bowser's castle. I blame the Mario/Peach/Bowser relationship to be honest. There all friends who just happen to play rough with each other. If Peach wanted to escape or for that matter fight Bowser off alone she likely could but that's not how the game is played.
      • Aside from that....bizarre theory, she might have not done it for fear that a living thing wouldn't be able to survive the transportation. Or maybe it was just because she had no idea if the other trunk was actually owned by anybody. For all she knew, the trunk was buried somewhere, or in some old, unused building. If it's the latter, the problem is that the other trunk might just be locked. It would probably be better to be held hostage than to be locked in a trunk god knows where, potentially suffocating or starving.
      • Problem one with that explanation: Then how does she know that the items she's sending are reaching Mario? Problem two: What's to stop her from leaping into the chest, then leaping back out into Bowser's castle if she ends up somewhere bad?
    • Explanation One: She didn't know he was getting them. She just put them there in the off chance he was. Obviously someone was getting them, since the items were being taken out, but she had no way of knowing who got them. Explanation two: It still doesn't sound very safe to do something like that. Suppose she got in and the chest locked behind her? She's still stuck, especially since Bowser and his minions didn't seem to know the chest was there. Not to mention, it could be the chest can only transport inanimate objects.
    • Peach makes it clear that saving herself isn't her only goal - she seems more concerned with saving her subjects, the party guests who Bowser also had imprisoned, and with getting the Star Rod back and fixing everything he'd done wrong. She probably figures that by staying put, she can both gather intel to help Mario on the ground and keep Bowser appeased to the point where he doesn't bother doing anything worse with the other prisoners - after all, it was mentioned that having her at his side was one of Bowser's wishes, and it wouldn't exactly be prudent for a ruler to abandon her people like that.
  • Why weren't Bowser and Kammy Koopa suspicious of Peach escaping from her room after each chapter? You'd think after the first few times that they'd realize she's eluding the guards somehow. The least they could have done is search her room for the secret passage or increase the security around the castle. Heck, they're present when Peach appears in Bowser's room! They don't even bother checking the alcove with the giant button!
    • Why bother? As one of the guards points out, there's nowhere she can go. If they see her they have to take her back and it wouldnt give Bowser a good image to let her wonder freely, but again, it's not like there's much she can do, or so they think. Had they known she was sending Mario items and give advice through Twink, they probably would have made certain she was well and truly locked up. Also, they let her join in a game show(clear sign they don't care where she is except when the boss is looking), and keep a umbrella that turns hr into other people. They wouldn't do this, no matter how dumb, if there was any chance at all she could use it to actually escape.
  • Why doesn't she just... jump off the balcony? Even in games where she isn't playable, she has the ability to float and fall at a safe speed. (She gracefully dropped from a similar height in Sunshine's ending.)
    • Remember, Bowser lifted the entire Castle into the sky, so they could be in the stratosphere for all we know. Magical floating powers or not, I wouldn't jump from that high with a parachute!
      • Also, she had a parasol in Sunshine, she didn't have anything similar in Paper Mario. (the shape-shifting parasol doesn't count, it probably doesn't even have the same floating properties)
    • It's simple. There is a railing, and Peach can't jump.
  • If the Crystal Star from the X-Naut Base was originally found in Rougeport, why did it go to Fahr Outpost in the final battle?
    • It (or rather, the game designers) didn't want the Bob-Ombs to feel left out, maybe?
    • They might have been going to all the nearby towns. Because Rougeport was literally right on top of where the battle was taking place, there might have been no need for a Crystal Star to stop there.
  • So... Is Peach still married to Bowser? I don't recall them getting a divorce or annulment from the end of Super Paper Mario.
    • I doubt that the wedding would be considered legitimate, even by Mario-verse standards. Both the bride and groom were kidnapped, physical force was administered to get both parties to agree to the vows, and I sincerely doubt that Count Bleck is a minister.
      • But the wedding was legitimate enough to bring about the apocalypse. Doesn't that count for anything?
      • The prophecy called for the two of them to say vows, but that doesn't mean that the vows were legitimate.
    • They aren't married anymore because it was "until our games be over", the video game equivalent of "til death do us part". Dimentio did kinda sorta kill them, which, although it didn't stick, is still probably enough to mean the marriage certificate is now expired.
      • And the game DID end. When you beat it.
      • But according to Queen Jaydes, Mario and company weren't dead/Game Overed when they arrived in the Underwhere. That's why she was able to send them back. Dimentio sent them to the afterlife without killing them. Besides, Bleck did ask them whether they took the other as their "Lawfully wedded wife/husband". Bleck was also a count, not a minister. As a count, he probably has legal authority within his county. It isn't impossible for a king, a duke, an earl, a count, or even the captain of a ship to marry people, so long as the wedding takes place within their jurisdiction.
      • So Peach uses her royal authority to declare the marriage null and void. Most cultures really don't consider a marriage unbreakable before they're consummated, which Peach and Bower didn't do. At least, I hope they didn't.
  • Okay, so hurtling through space via cannon, then spending time walking on the moon is no problem, but if you're going to bob gently though space, you need a fishbowl at minimum. ...Huh?
    • Negative Continuity.
    • Batman Can Breathe in Space when he damn well needs to.
    • Maybe there's air on the moon. I know OUR moon doesn't have any real atmosphere but that doesn't mean this moon can't have eough air to support a portly plumber for an hour.
    • This Troper always thought it was that the Crystal Stars allowed Mario to breathe in space...
    • Personally, I always thought that Mario-verse physics worked sort of like gravity does in the Looney Tunes world (where it doesn't take effect until someone notices it). Remember, in the opening to Chapter 4, Mario/Peach/Bowser don't react at all until Tippi points out that they're in space, at which point they go "!" and start flailing their arms around. It's very possible that Mario/Peach/Bowser/Luigi don't actually need to breathe, but think they do, and will panic if they realize they aren't. Remember, none of them have any trouble breathing underwater in this game, either, and if the Galaxy games are anything to go by, space wouldn't give them difficulties either. I always figured that the fishbowl resolved their problem largely because they were convinced it would, and since they didn't have any real problem in the first place, it worked just fine.
    • For that matter, don't forget that the various levels in SPM and the moon in TYD all take place in different dimensions. The laws of physics could differ wildly between them.
    • If you use Goombella to tattle the very first room in the X-Naut Fortress (the Escalator room) she lampshades it.
      • "Who knew there'd be such a weird building on the moon... It's kind of crazy, actually. I mean, it's got a big glass dome to keep all of the air from leaking out......What's that? Yeah, now that you mention it, I guess we were OK out there with no air to breathe......... Yeah I'd rather not think about that too much, I guess. Yeah, let's change the subject." were her exact words.
  • So if Vivian joined Mario's party during the middle of the game, why didn't she tell them that her sisters were working for a demon that wanted to take over Peach's body? Also, the Shadow Queen seemed forgetful about Vivian's presence and made no mention of Doopliss taking her place.
    • Maybe Vivian (And maybe even Marilyn) were unaware of Beldam's plan to revive the Shadow Queen. Vivian (And as said, maybe Marilyn) probably thought that they were just working to serve Grodus.
    • Although their ages aren't clear, Beldam is statedly the oldest of the Sirens. It's entirely possible that Beldam was alive when the Queen was sealed 1000 years ago, but (at least) Vivian wasn't alive then, or was too young to be able to remember. Or maybe Beldam just never told Vivian about their real plans because she thought she was too stupid and would screw it up.
    • Actually you hit the nail right on the head, Vivian was too young to remember Beldam's actions were to revive the Shadow Queen and any of the events concerning her before she was sealed away, this troper knows because if you enter the room in the Palace of Shadow before the fight with Grodus and have her as your current partner out on the field she'll comment on how familiar the place kind of is to her, meaning she only vaguely remembers that far back but not far enough back to remember as much as sisters do.
    • Also have to question why she didn't bother telling Mario and Co. that the X-Naut base and final Crystal Star was on the moon.
      • Or better yet, the secret teleporter.
      • Well the transporter was locked anyway, so it wouldn't have done good.
      • Shadow Sirens don't need teleporters, so no reason to know about it. As for it being on the moon, she just went where ever Beldam went without knowing where that was.
  • Why is Vivian burned by fire? I can get not being able to punch spikes, but you'd think a Fire Mage would have a Ring of Fire Protection or something...
    • Fire Mage or not, she's still made out paper.
  • How was Hooktail able to "write letters" to Gloomtail? First of all, Hooktail was in a castle while Gloomtail was locked in the Palace of Shadows. Plus, if any delivery service were to exchange letters, that'd be impossible because the Palace of Shadows was locked behind the Thousand Year Door.
    • ... Dragon magic?
    • She wasn't, Gloomtail just blamed someone for her not writing to him on impulse without considering a more reasonable explanation.
    • Maybe they have their own Mailbox SP things or something, Mario can't be the only person in the world to use one. They probably come in different models/sizes (they'd have to to accommodate the wide variety of races in the Mario world)
  • One thing that has always confused me is how Count Bleck didn't see Dimentio's betrayal coming. It's stated that The Dark Prognosticus can see the end of wars that were fought over it... So we can either assume he was stark, raving mad or just didn't care. But his surprise at the end of the game seems to refute this.
    • Because the Book wants the End Of The World and Dimento's betrayal helps ensure it will happen after Bleck's defeat. So it doesn't put it out until needed.
    • Also, Dimentio apparently wrote the damn book in the first place. Obviously, he'd edit himself out.
  • At the end of the game (huge spoilers ahead, obviously), Bleck and Tippi renew their vows and from out of nowhere make new Pure Hearts or draw the existing set directly to their location. According to Bleck, all that was necessary for this to happen was mutual love between two people. So does this mean none of the 4 heroes form a pair which mutually loves each other, obvious brotherly love between the Mario Bros. aside? If so, is there really no romance between Mario and Peach (and for those fans, Peach and Bowser)?
  • Super Paper Mario example: At the end of the game, the Hand Wave for how Mimi and O'Chunks knew where to find Count Bleck is that Nastasia told them beforehand that she expected they'd end up there… so wait. This would mean that Nastasia knew (at least enough to accurately predict) that Dimentio was going to betray them and bring about the end of all worlds himself. …So why didn't she DO anything about this herself? Her ONLY known power is the ability to hypnotize people into following her orders absolutely, and even if for some reason she couldn't do this, she could surely tell someone what was about to happen. The bigger problem here, however, is how she knew this to begin with. As far as I can tell, this is never answered or explained.
    • Dimentio did blab his whole plan to Mario. Nastasia could have overheard it, but that begs the question of why she didn't tell it to Bleck. Not only is she incredibly loyal to Bleck but the game made it very clear that Nastasia has feelings for Bleck, so why not inform him of impending treachery? The best answer is she believed that not even the heroes in cahoots with Dimentio could stop Bleck and so gave it no thought. Bleck WAS invincible during the fight until the Pure Hearts intervened so maybe she just thought to herself "Let them try, they will fail since Bleck is invincible." Not a great explanation but still.
    • O'Chunks says something like "She knew you'd come here, or rather she FELT you'd come here." I always assumed we were meant to take it the same as things like Tippi knowing that Mario was at the top of the tower after returning from the Underwhere, or when Mario felt that his friends were ok after falling in the halls of Castle Bleck - unexplained hunches/feelings that turn out to be true. True, the other examples are a little easier to justify, but I figured it was meant to fall within the same line of thought.
      • Considering that Nastasia seems to have been the only resident of Castle Bleck who was both intelligent and relatively sane, I think that it's reasonable to assume that she would be the first of the minions to suspect Dimentio's true motives. Because Bleck was not in the best mental state at this time, she may have deliberately avoided being the one to warn him directly for fear of invoking a Cassandra Truth plot with her crush.
  • Luvbi got turned into a Pure Heart and was then put into the Heart Pillar to allow access to Castle Bleck, right? If so, then what explains her presence in the Overthere after defeating Super Dimentio?
    • The Power of Love? After all, she is the ambiguously angel-like daughter of the rulers of pseudo-Heaven and Underworld, both of whom no doubt would do anything in their power to bring her back if they could, and at heart is an incredibly magical MacGuffin. Something in there must have contributed to it.
      • If you talk to her afterwards, she says something about not remembering how she was brought back.
    • If there were a real, in-game reason why she was able to be brought back, I don't think her sacrifice would've seemed like such a big deal had her parents known such a loophole existed. I think it was just that no one could've foreseen such a sacrificial act of love as begin nessecary to stop the Chaos Heart - they all believed the heroes would be able to defeat Count Bleck and stop the Void with time to spare. Thus, Blumiere and Timpani's exchanging of vows and the subsequent burst of power they gave to the Pure Hearts was the one event that no one saw coming, yet it may have been what actually brought Luvbi back.
  • In Super Paper Mario, you take Captain Gills and set him free in the canal underneath Flipside and whenever you return to that area, he gets bigger and there are bones in the canal. What's the deal? It also overlaps with Fridge Horror.
    • A possible rival for his (unseen) love's affections?
    • Fish need to eat, too, you know.
  • At the end of Super Paper Mario, we see the land of the Cragnons get reconstructed, despite it never getting explicitly destroyed in the first place. Meanwhile, Sammer's Kingdom, which was definitely destroyed, is never shown being recreated. Did the two worlds get their roles switched at some point in development?
    • I'm pretty sure you do see Sammer's Kingdom being restored at some point during the ending, and it was during the final battle that the Land of the Cragnons was shown being destroyed.
  • Why didn't Twink tell Mario to go to Forever Forest or Flower Fields? Unlike the Crystal Palace, Twink did hear about the other Star Spirit locations.
    • Seeing as something else told to go there and he did, I just figure Twink did come by to tell him... but saw he was already there/going there, and left.
  • In Chapter 6 of the second game, the rat businessman on the Excess Express mentions that his stolen product, the Nitro Honey Syrup, is capable of causing an explosive disaster if it's mixed with calcium from a seashell and a bit of gold...I have two questions about this - how would whoever created the product have come to discover the results of such a random combination, and how were the Shadow Sirens also able to discover the same information, considering their plans to use it for Mario's undoing would have required them to have done so?
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