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Headscratchers: Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai!
  • Not once does anyone, including most of the fanbase, question Kirino's sexuality, only whether she has a complex about her big brother or not - even though the activity that kicks the whole story to a start is playing erotic games that focus on pretty girls.
    • Really? To me, Anime!Kirino's in a fucking Transparent Closet.
    • Kirino constantly talks about little sisters, plays tons of games about having sex with little sisters, gets super excited about real life little sisters, has a room full of picks of anime little sisters, wants more than anything to have a little sister. How could you possibly think she was gay
      • I think the implication here is that her obsession with little sisters is actually an expression of her far more serious obsession with her own big brother. Yes, she plays a lot of sister games, but she identifies more with the sisters than with the male protagonist.
      • Thats true enough after the series starts, but Kirino was completely obsessed with little sister based eroge and anime long before she even started talking to her brother.
      • Which could hint at her being a brocon long before the series started, which is plausible. She might not be obsessed with her own brother specifically because of anything other than him being her older brother, or not. It's about as likely as her being a closeted lesbian at the very least.
    • Kirino is often swooning over other cute girls her age, including cosplayers and even Kuruneko. At one point, she also gets addicted to a game in which she dates a virtual girlfriend. If she's not lesbian, she's at the very least leaning toward bisexuality.
  • Who would be the titular character? The title refers to Kirino, but it uses a first person pronoun making it a phrase stated by Kyousuke. Or is it neither since the title doesn't name names?
    • "Titular" character means "the one mentioned in title itself". There is only one main character who could say this line, which is Kyousuke, who has only one little sister- Kirino. And he cant believe she can be cute. How hard is that to understand?
      • "The one mentioned in the title itself" does not mean "the person saying the title". Indeed, for most titular characters, there's nothing to say it's specifically them saying it; for that matter, most titles probably aren't usually thought of as being 'said' at all; it's just that this one clearly is.
    • I'd argue that there is no titular character since there weren't any specific names, but the explanation above makes more sense.
    • Funny, it reminds of a certain Light Novel series with same problem...
    • "Titular" does no always mean "Main".
    • They're both titular characters. Kirino is the titular imōto (little sister), Kyōsuke is the titular ore (I, or 'my' in keeping with the translation of the whole title). So, there is no the titular character; there are two distinct ones.
  • Maybe age laws are different or something and I am woefully uninformed, but why is Kirino, a middle-schooler, legally allowed to buy eroge?
  • Why is Kirino's dad the bad guy for trying to stop a minor from playing eroge? His reasons might be strawman material, but his motivation is still sound.
    • Probably due to A Certain Point Of View and some Values Dissonance. Most parents probably would be against their kid playing a highly sexualized game, or looking at porn, particularly if its a girl doing it. Thanks to Kyousuke's convincing arguments (that she was still a model student and knew that these things were looked down upon in society, hence why she did it in secret), he was okay with regular anime such as Meruru. However, he was still against the eroge games, and Kyousuke in episode 3 even admits that he can't refute that, hence why he made his desperate attempt and claimed those games were actually his, and that he forcefully uses Kirino's computer in order to play them. Although it is a bit strange that the dad was okay if those games were Kyousuke's, who's also underage for them.
      • Double Standard for the win in that regard. Though admittedly there is a big difference in maturity between 17 and 14 years of age.
    • He's the bad guy because the writer believes that eroge is harmless and Kirino has a right to indulge her hobbies. By stopping her from buying porn, her father is infringing upon her rights and inhibiting her individuality. Obviously some intense Values Dissonance here, but given how lightly incest is treated that's not unexpected.
  • How did Kirino's hair color change from dark brown when she was a child to blonde?
    • She dyed her hair... it's stated when Kyosuke sees her for the first time like that and has a hard time recognising her.
  • So, does Kyosuke have amnesia? How can he be so oblivious to stuff that no doubt were mentioned on the table. At first it seems the family is very distant, but then we are shown they eat together and talk about stuff, and his mother even mentions he doesn't know stuff she mentioned to him.
    • He might have just not been paying attention. Most people don't remember every little thing they've heard or seen.
    • Kyosuke isn't oblivious. His parents don't really care about keeping him informed. They were alright not telling him about Kirino leaving for America and the only reason he found out is that he asked about it rather than his parents bringing it up. Even if they left it to Kirino to explain, they still didn't care enough to discuss it.
  • Where is Kirino's closet? Her room has a door, which is normal door sized, and a wall of normal thickness. So where is her closet? the wall is much thinner than the closet, and there is not protrusion in the hall. So how does it work?
    • The upstairs hall stops immediately past her door, and there's another door at the end. Assuming that leads to a very shallow closet (like a linen closet), Kirino's closet could be right behind it.
  • When Kyosuke doesn't want Manami to see what's on his laptop, which at that point had also been rigged by Kirino, why doesn't he simply ... close the lid?
  • Who illustrated Kirino's light novel? And why is the artist not involved in the talks about the anime?
    • Maybe she did it herself. Kirino is apparently good in everything she puts her mind into, and she watches a lot of anime with that same artstyle. I wouldn’t be surprised if she knew how to draw well enough to illustrate her own novel.
  • If Kirino doesn't like it that Kyousuke put up that photo-sticker with the who of them on the refrigerator, then why doesn't she remove it herself?
    • She’s a Tsundere. I doubt she actually disliked.
  • So their mother thinks Kyousuke and Kirino are getting too close. Then why does she think it is a good idea to have one of them moving out? It really would only make it much harder to keep an eye on them.
    • It’s definitely not a clever idea, but for a genre blind parent it might look like a quick and efficient solution: they’d be apart, Kyousuke was going to college soon so he had to learn to live alone at some point. Since the whole Kirino/Kyousuke situation is just bizarre, the mom probably thought the whole “move out” thing just sounded better than letting them live together in a house with only a wall to separate their rooms.
  • Speaking of which: why would that photo-sticker raise any suspicions anyway? It's obviously just the two of them goofing around in a photo booth, and it's not abnormal to have some affection between siblings.
    • Well, it is normal, but Kyousuke and Kirino barely even spoke to each other before, and Kirino was hostile to him in every situation possible. Of course the whole photo sticker could be just siblings bonding, but after years of aloofness between the two of them, it comes off as odd, at least. To raise that sort of suspicions sounds a bit exaggerated though, I'll give you that.
  • Why does their father think it's a good idea to put Kyousuke through the burden of living on his own for the first time of his life, some month before his entrance exams? Changing someone's environment so drastically is about the worst thing you can do in such a case.
  • The ending is just ... baffling. There's no way two people in love would be able to agree to be a couple for a few months and then return to as they were before from a given date, regardless of circumstance. There is no "on/off"-switch for such feelings. It also makes most of what came before rather pointless, which is especially egregious when it comes to Manami's breakdown right before they split up. This a typical example of how Executive Meddling can lead to a resolution that leaves everybody disappointed.
  • This is a simple one, but seriously? Their mother objects to Kirino and Kyousuke "getting along too well" and (like everyone else) assume they have some kind of perverted relationship, but had nothing to say when they spoke to each other about once a month and Kirino would hit and kick Kyousuke? What an effed up family...
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