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Headscratchers: Old Man Logan
  • Why is Red Skull alive? To my understanding none of the other villain in the Marvel Universe trust him and we have two characters, Magneto and Dr. Doom, that hate his guts and both of them should be fully capable of killing him.
    • There are several possibilities:
      • They don't want to kill him because he helped them defeat the heroes.
      • They let bygones be bygones.
      • They have bigger problems then a megalomaniac with no powers like Red Skull.
      • Don't want to start a civil war between villains.
      • Or simply Red Skull is prepared for them and they know it.
    • Or it might lead to a pyrrhic victory.
  • My question is how can Absorbing Man and Magneto defeat Thor? Thor has beaten Absorbing Man before and Magneto has no other powers beside control over metal as far as I know.
    • Mags has control of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. That's one of the four fundamental forces. He's WAY more powerful than just "control over metal"
    • Absorbing Man is also a serious danger if he uses his powers right. In Earth X after developing his powers he became one of the most dangerous metahumans on the planet.
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