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Headscratchers: Norwegian Nights
Norwegian Nights
  • Ok, first off, the single most annoying thing about this fic is that all Americans are simply 'removed' from the world and stuck in the virtual one, and you know what, no one gives a shit. No one in the entire world gave a rat's ass when America got nuked, and that really annoyed me.
    • You silly moo, America can't enter the Eurovision song contest, and therefore does not matter in Silverhelsinki's world. And of course, entire populations can be wiped out and no one will bat an eyelash, but if one of Silver's sparkley Euro-crew does so much as fall over a twig, it's a massive catastophe and everyone should care.
  • Marko, Silver's OC who hates Serbs and shouts abuse at everyone one he meets, and his best friend is Serbian? I don't get it.

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