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Headscratchers: Night Trap
  • So what do the traps do, exactly? Cause they seem like they're deadly, but then later the vampires purposefully drop a girl in there. Is it some sort of preservation system then?
    • Supposedly that's how they work, yes, since they were originally designed to trap people for the augers to eat later. It's a system of the vampires' design that has been subverted by the good guys. However, a couple of the traps don't seem to suck their victim in, drop them down a chute, or what have you, merely catapulting them away like the one activated from outside the house. How those were supposed to have been any help capturing people isn't exactly clear.
      • Perhaps the vampires believe the traps will leave the victims with a broken leg (or other injury) that will make escape impossible.
      • It's also possible that those latter traps, the ones that catapult people away instead of dropping them down a trap door, weren't planted by the vampires at all. SCAT managed to get control of the override system, after all; who's to say they didn't plant a few traps of their own in case of emergency, like having to protect the present girls from whoever or whatever made the previous girls disappear?
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