Headscratchers / Night Trap

So what do the traps do, exactly? Cause they seem like they're deadly, but then later the vampires purposefully drop a girl in there. Is it some sort of preservation system then?
  • Supposedly that's how they work, yes, since they were originally designed to trap people for the augers to eat later. It's a system of the vampires' design that has been subverted by the good guys. However, a couple of the traps don't seem to suck their victim in, drop them down a chute, or what have you, merely catapulting them away like the one activated from outside the house. How those were supposed to have been any help capturing people isn't exactly clear.
    • Perhaps the vampires believe the traps will leave the victims with a broken leg (or other injury) that will make escape impossible.
    • It's also possible that those latter traps, the ones that catapult people away instead of dropping them down a trap door, weren't planted by the vampires at all. SCAT managed to get control of the override system, after all; who's to say they didn't plant a few traps of their own in case of emergency, like having to protect the present girls from whoever or whatever made the previous girls disappear?
    • Well, the original intro for the unreleased Control-Vision version of the game (also in the 2017 edition) shows at the beginning that the hands belonging to Victor Martin press the trap button on the right side of the remote control that pushes a teenage boy onto the bed that catapults him into the wall trap. Pretty weird.
    • Or it could be not all the traps serve the same purpose - some are intended to preserve a captured victim for later while others, like the catapult ones, are intended to simply rapidly dispose of pesky intruders. Presumably the Martins would know which ones are which and would only activate the ones they wanted.
  • In at least one Game Over, you get trapped... even though you're only viewing camera footage and aren't actually there. ...What?
    • It might be that the camera you're using is sent into the trap, instead of you, as Jeff Overrided your controls. Leaving you stuck on that one camera.
      • In fact, the SCAT commander instructs the player right at the start, to take up position in the back hallway and not to give away their location. The player is in the house.
  • In the Game Over scenes where Cindy or Kelly get trapped and turned into vampires, the Martins learn about your control of their security system and how to cut you off, which they do. This makes sense for Kelly as she's an agent, but what exactly did Cindy tell them that they didn't know already?
    • Kelly told most of the girls, including Cindy, about her role with SCAT and how they've taken control of the security cameras and the traps when they take refuge from the augers in the bedroom. Presumably she passed that information along.
  • When Tony is about to attempt to turn Kelly into a vampire he turns to the camera and says that the player wouldn't stand in his way but, why would he believe that? Control has been trapping augers left and right in the house. Control has also saved at least Lisa, Megan and Ashley by this point too and they aren't special agents. Tony has no reason to believe that Control wouldn't trap him.