Headscratchers / Nicktoons

  • How come some people don't consider Nicktoons' original cartoons to be part of Nickelodeon's official library? They may not have been made by Nickelodeon Studios themselves in California, but they were licensed by them, paid for by them, and without the company, they would probably never exist. I get into frequent online debates with people about this all the time!
  • In relation to the above question, what's with the weird treatment of the imports? They gave Back to the Barnyard and Penguins of Madagascar their own indents, they sometimes let the characters "host" events, sometimes characters are put in the network's promos...but then they don't list the imports in the librarty. My philosophy is that if it aired on Nick or any of its branches, it's one of the family. Since I don't know a lot about how networks operate, the only explanation I can think of is that Nick believes that adding its imports to the library is robbing the actual creators of credit. But that'd be silly, wouldn't it?
    • Not silly at all. Viacom no longer owns the Dreamworks properties, so they can't do too much with their shows anymore. The non-Nickoon Studio produced shows like Pelswick or Wayside were only considered "Nicktoons" for promotional purposes when they were running. Nickelodeon doesn't hold the rights for shows like them anymore and aren't allowed to list them as such (The Splat has attempted to promote Pelswick as a Nicktoon, oddly, though all plans to air it fell through due to Nick not having the show's syndication rights anymore) for legal reasons. It is odd with Back at the Barnyard, though, as it was a spin-off of a property already owned and created by Nickelodeon.