Headscratchers / Nickelodeon

  • When Nickelodeon took over Camp Snoopy at Mall of America, they rethemed the Screaming Yellow Eagle ride to Danny Phantom while leaving the Ghost Blasters ride untouched, even though that'd make the most sense to retheme...
    • Ghost Blasters is a prefab ride created by Sally Corporation (This Troper knows that there is an identical one up in a Niagara Falls arcade.) As MOA and/or Nickelodeon likely didn't want to deal with changing a themed ride designed by another corporation (and Danny Phantom ending a year prior to the park's opening), they went with re-theming a relatively unthemed ride to save money.
    • This troper is at least glad that it was still Camp Snoopy during his younger days, and will forever mourn its death.
  • The infamous "Pinchface" ident from the 90's, why is it called that??
    • Because the Nightmare Face in the middle of the screen looks like somebody "pinched" the eyeballs and mouth off of somebody and stuck it into the middle of the screen. Either that, or someone who made that bumper was a Buckethead fan.