Headscratchers / Neverwinter Nights

  • Why do you get evil points on the Karma Meter for feeding an imp through a rock crusher? Imps are freaking devils. In Forgotten Realms cosmology, they're literally Made of Evil! How can it be evil to kill one?
    • Under a certain interpretation of the alignment system, intent and actions matter. Imps are evil creatures, but they're still sentient and capable of experiencing pain, and getting one killed in such a cruel way could still be considered an evil act. It's the same thought process that tends to describe your average Inquisitor type as lawful evil rather than lawful good.
    • This also explains why you get points towards Good for assassinating the matron mother of House Maeviir in HotU: her daughter thinks she would pull a Face–Heel Turn if the Valsharess attacks, and since you're helping the Seer stop her plans, you've helped the rebels out that much more.