Headscratchers / Natsuiro Kiseki

  • Why don't the girls actually try to wish for Saki not to have to move away?
    • Because they're not that selfish? Also because, I think that a wish can only be heard if 2 or more of them wish and if no one is against it.
  • Why does nobody help Koharu after Natsumi knocks her out with a bucket in episode 9? Not even Chiharu seems to be concerned that her sister is lying unconscious on the floor.
    • Because she deserves it I guess. She hasn't really done anything yet to gain sympathy and her sister thought she got that one coming.
  • In episode 10, how is it possible the young girls don't realize they are looking at their older selves?
    • They're kids. Not to mention it was dark so they probably didn't get a good look.