Why is it that the males in the [[Webcomic/NamirDeiter ND]] [[YouSayItFirst Unlimited]] universe seem to share the same personality sets:

# Neurotic {{Unlucky Everydude}}s (Twix, Brisbane)
# Immature flakes (Cedric, Ferdinand, Isaac, Robert)
# Complete {{Jerk Ass}}es (Charles, Jake, Sidney)

And it only gets worse when you factor in the earlier characters who have Main/{{Expy}}s (Most of the cast of ''Spare Parts'')

Whereas the women have varied, distinct personalities (save for the common thread of looking for the right man).

* Well, there are Ian, [=BoB=], Cornelius, Patrick, Mr. Taylor, Jeff, Spare Parts David, and Todd.
** Subsequent events would push Ian. Patrick and Mr. Taylor into the JerkAss pile. i wold definetely put [=BoB=] in the Flake category.
Wait... what's this about Isaac dating guys in the past? ...shouldn't that have come up somewhere in the past 3-4 years? It doesn't sound like he meant it to be a secret, and it's not as easy in this day and age for men to shrug off that kind of thing as it is for women. Especially since he implies he wouldn't be wholly opposed to trying it again (...just not with his boss). ''Especially'' especially if he and his boyfriends ever had sex, in which case he'd ''better'' have at least told Joy and Falco.
* Well, that's pretty much what the BiTheWay trope is all about. Besides, who's to say he didn't tell them. And why would he tell Falco? IIRC, they didn't date very long or seriously.
While we're on the subject, the way Isaac and Joy broke up ''really'' bugs me. Does Isaac have no empathy whatsoever? Jesus Christ, you find out that she's ''miscarried your child'' and your first response is to ''dump her'' because she waited a couple days to tell you? What the hell is wrong with you? And Blue just forgives him for it, and the audience is expected to as well.
* He didn't dump Joy because of the miscarriage - that was just the last straw. Remember, he was on the verge of breaking up with before the miscarriage because all they seemed to do is fight and have sex. And it wasn't just "a couple of days": She disappeared on him for a week without a word, lied about why she left and got Blue to do the same.