Headscratchers / Ms. Marvel

  • So I've been wondering: When Carol powers down from her Ms. Marvel / Warbird / Captain Marvel form, does she still have her powers, or is she a normal human until she powers up again? I've been wondering about that for a long time. In The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!, she still seemed to have her powers (when she blew up the toothpick Hawkeye threw at her), but I'm not sure if that applies for other continuities.
    • Yeah she's always got her powers. The suit is just that. A suit.
    • This was discussed in the original comic book. In the begining, Carol Danvers thought that she turned into Ms. Marvel, a completely unrelated woman, somehow created by the Kree accident. She later discovered that she still had her super powers as Carol Danvers, and accepted that she is Ms. Marvel. The accident had left her with a temporary personality disorder as well, wich was fixed when she embraced the truth about herself.
  • Rogue's attack wiped Ms. Marvel memory, and Xavier later restored it, but was unable to restore as well her emotional ties to those memories. Things have been that way for a long time. Eventually, she met the terrorist leader that she fought in her first mission for the military (before she even got powers), and she finally recovered those emotional ties. But only for a couple of minutes: she exploded and died. Karla Sofen becomes the new Ms. Marvel (during Dark Reign), there is a complicated resurrection story for Carol, and the new issues dealt with her time with the runaway Avengers. But what about this? Did she kept those emotional ties with her past, or do later writers forgot that small scene?