Headscratchers / Morozko

  • Aesop? So, the things I learned from this movie...
  1. Beauty Equals Goodness.
  2. Slightly unattractive people who've grown spoiled and pushy as a result of dysfunctional parenting are worthless and evil.
  3. A cheater who won the game by exploiting abilities you don't have deserves respect just because he's older than you.
  4. It is completely appropriate to immediately propose to complete strangers you've just met and only talked to for like two minutes, even if they're underage.
  5. When you're asked about your problems, the best course of action is to deny you have any, because it's a sign of moral purity or something. (Alternatively, because Proper Women are supposed to silently endure any parental abuse thrown at them.)
  6. If you touch a dangerous object you were warned about beforehand, it's totally not your fault.
  7. It's okay to gather into a crowd and publicly laugh at other people's failures.

This has caused me to critically re-evaluate other Russian fairly tales, and suddenly they start feeling pretty disturbing...

  • Ivan returns to the place where he met Nastenka and because he finally feels what is right, he is transformed back to his human form, and he starts happily calling Nastenka's name. Judging from the shots, this happens in late summer or early autumn, but next shot is him looking for Nastenka in snow-covered woods. Um, why? Why didn't he go to the nearest village and ask about Nastenka or her home? Even if he did not come to her village, locals would probably know about a girl called Nastenka who lives with her father and evil step-mother.