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Headscratchers: Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
  • Okay why can't I find any reference to Paptimus being a female supremacist of sorts online? Or does he only say he wants a woman to rule the Earth Sphere in the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam games?
    • He says it in the series. Multiple times. I can't remember what episode, but I think it first happened in a conversation with Jerid where he accused Paptimus of wanting to rule the world, and instead he said his ruler would be a woman. He also says it to about every woman he picks up.
    • Gihren's Ambition leads me to believe he says the Ruler would be a woman because he suspects they do not suffer the same corruptions as men. It doesn't really matter what gender so long as they are for the law, he doesn't think he himself is that person as well before you talk about fridge logic. This is supported in the games by having him be a recruitable character on the General Revil side of the game, so long as you have 100% Law. Thus implying that Revil is the perfect man in his mind to rule the Earth due to him being incorruptible. This makes Scirocco out to be a Well Intentioned Extremist then again the game has a lot of What If? scenarios so this is only one of them.
      • I thought he was just trying to increase his yandere harem.
      • Well, either way, saying "I think a woman should rule the world" as a guy who is shown to be an expert at manipulating women kind of taints the feminist interpretation of that line, though.
      • And yet, when Scirocco set down to create a mobile suit for his ideal woman ruler, what does he create? The PMX-004 Titania, a machine with a striking resemblance to the Qubeley, which was piloted by the one woman Scirocco couldn't manipulate.

  • This is what Bugs Me: The AEUG stole three Gundam Mk-II's, yet we only see one after it gets repainted. What happened to the other two?
    • This is actually addressed. One is shipped off to Anaheim for research and development on the Zeta Project, and the last one is stripped down to give the AEUG the spare parts they need to keep the first up and running.
  • What's up with the Titans using Zeon motifs in the design of the vehicles & costumes? When you think about it, that's kind of like the IDF wearing Iron Crosses & driving around in Panzer knock-offs.
    • This might be the point, as a sort of visual shorthand for their hypocrisy
    • Some of the Zeon MS designers joined up with the Titans.
      • Actually, it's because Anaheim Electronics builds most of the mobile suits for the Earth Federation, Titans, and AEUG. After the One Year War, Anaheim bought out all three of Zeon's MS manufacturing companies, Zeonic (built the Zaku, Gouf, and Gelgoog), Zimmad (built the Dom), and MIP (built almost all of Zeon's mobile armors and the Z'Gok). Because of this, a large portion of Anaheim's staff are Zeon designers, which is why many of the mobile suits on both sides, like the Hizack and Marasai on the Titans, and the Rick Dias and Dijeh for AEUG/Karaba, all have monoeyes and other Zeonic characteristics in their designs. Just about any MS that doesn't have Zeonic looks is either is a GM (which even the new GM II is obsolete at the beginning of the Gryps Conflict), based on the GM (like the Nemos the AEUG uses for a grunt suit), or a Gundam. As far as the uniforms, both the Titan's and AEUG's uniforms are actually based on the Earth Federation's standard uniform but with small changes and different colors.
      • Even so, doesn't make much sense that the Titans, the faction formed to stamp out Zeon remnants or uprisings are now using suits either based off of their design like the Marasai and Barzam or are outright successors to them like Hizack and Galbaldy Beta. Isn't that kind of hurting their already bad public image?
      • The Titans don't give a crap about their public image: they are the power in space, and it's their way or the highway. Besides, the Zeon-derived designs tend to look intimidating and that's often what the Titans are going for. It could also be a backhanded way of insulting Zeon sympathizers by using their own weapons against them.

  • Why does Mirai seem like such an apolitical plebe? There's no way somebody born into one of the most powerful families in such a rigidly class-stratified society could just leave the circles of power behind short of plastic surgery and a name change. Making her into an ordinary military wife seems like pure fanservice—it certainly doesn't help the story any, seeing as her father was a martyr for the cause of colonial rights it would have made sense for Mirai to have been the one to tip Bright (who never came across as particularly political himself in MSG) over to the side of the AEUG rebellion.

  • Why exactly does AEUG allow Shinta and Qum to remain on the Argama? The ship goes into multiple battles, they have to expend resources watching those children and rescuing them when they get into danger and they clearly have multiple opportunities to have the children left at a safe location.
    • This troper didn't understand that, either. It seemed like the only reason those kids were introduced and kept on the Argama at all was in an attempt to give Fa some character development by making her into a glorified babysitter.
    • I saw it as Tomino's (failed) attempt to have comic relief and kid appeal characters. It was the same in the original show (where Fraw Bow had a similar babysitter role).

  • Reccoa's Face-Heel Turn. Even if we do assume that Paptimus used Newtype powers to induce this how the hell does that explain choosing to gas a colony? Wasn't that something she showed explicit horror at earlier?
    • I got the impression watching that particular episode that Reccoa was hoping that AEUG would come and get her off the hook before she actually had to do it. They obviously didn't.
      • Obviously, but the original point was that Reccoa did go through with it and never made any attempts to actually stop it. To make it worse her dialog afterwards seems to suggest anger at the AEUG for not stopping it rather than any feelings of great guilt for committing a war crime.
      • She did strongly object to the order. Basque then made it extremely clear that any visible opposition on Reccoa's part would put her in front of a firing squad. Her sotto voice remarks afterward not making any sense was kind of the point, really.

  • I like the new main page picture but why is Kamille in a Titan's uniform?
    • In that episode that pose is from, he & Quattro wear Titans uniforms to sneak around the Kilimanjaro base.

  • Scirocco being ambiguously autistic? I can kind of see it for Kamille but I'm curious what possible signs Scirocco has. Not arguing at all just curious.
    • Scirocco exhibits a lot of the same behaviors Camille does, just on a higher-functioning scale - they're both much more interested in machines than people and have poor interpersonal skills. In Camille's case, this is because he facilitates wildly between moods. In Scirocco's case, he seems unable to relate to anyone except insofar in their use to him. I always saw Scirocco as a foil for Camille, an older, more jaded reflection of the hero with his innate intelligence amplified into bonafide genius but lacking any trace of Camille's compassion.
      • Maybe Scirocco is the kind of person that Camille would have grown into, had he stayed in the colonies and followed a military career?
  • The theater scene at the end of the series raises an important question: Everybody left their mobile suits to have this conversation, but is there an explanation for why Kamille never just took out the Qubeley or the The-O before he went inside? Would've saved everybody some grief.

  • Hey friends, can someone tell me when exactly (which episode) the EFF officially denounced the Titans? I'm not sure if it just wasn't explained well in the series or if maybe I wasn't paying attention (ehhh probably the latter!), but this fact completely went over my head while I was watching the series.
    • ** Found it: The beginning of episode 39. Jamitov and Bask Om are having a conversation about strategy when Bask says what basically amounts to: "You don't think there's a chance the EFF will reverse their decision to revoke your mandate (ie, the original order forming the Titans) anytime soon, do you?"
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