Headscratchers / Mnemosyne

  • What kind of genitalia does Apos have? Male, female, both? He was able to rape Mimi, yet Rin obviously pushed Laura's spore up his/her, uh, you know.
    • Both, probably. But being Japanese TV they couldn't show it, so I assume he probably has both. The fact that he has breasts probably indicates that (if we're thinking normal human biology) he has a lot of estrogen and something that in function at least resembles a penis.
  • Why wasn't Rin affected by Tajimamori's angelic presence at all? Mimi could barely stand even before he spread his wings, so he probably cannot control this effect. And Rin wasn't yet the Yggdrasil's guardian back in that scene.
    • I was under the impression that she was somehow "chosen" and able to resist it. Course, they never make that clear, so who knows.
      • Yeah, but she was affected by Apos' (as well as other angels') presence... Oh, wait. Could it be that she was affected by Tajimamori's presence but he played it as if it were true love and all, so he can bed her? Tajimamori, you Magnificent Bastard, you're my hero. :D
      • Part of it might be that Rin always wanted Tajimamori, while Mimi was trying to resist him.
      • Remember the flashback to when Rin and Tajimamori met? She was clearly affected then, he just didn't want to take advantage. I assumed that was why they always spoke on the phone. In person, she wouldn't be able to control herself.
  • How did that immortal in episode six survive the nuclear blast? Her body must have been reduced to the time spore, yet she somehow regenerated completely before the reporters arrived. Even Rin took several hours to regenerate her whole body at the very foot of Yggdrasil.
    • Not to mention several years after she was shred to pieces in that jet intake.
      • Physical conditioning? She has been Apos' torture victim for decades. Maybe her time spore has adapted with a faster regeneration rate?
    • Maybe time spores build up a regeneration charge by being close to Yggdrasil? So it took Rin a few hours to regenerate because her time spore had only just been brought to Yggdrasil, while that woman had spent years near it. Plus, maybe Rin's time spore was still a bit screwy from the airplane incident.
  • Nuclear reactors don't explode! At least not like nuclear bombs or missiles. They meltdown! There is a small explosion at the center, usually, but nothing like what happened to that reactor.
  • What does the Yggdrasil's guardian "template" actually include? Do guardians get some angel-like properties (seemed to be implied by Rin sprouting wings), or what?
    • More importantly, what is the function of Yggdrasil's Guardian? How can you "guard" something that's obviously more durable and powerful than yourself?
  • What's up with Kouki? Is his grey spot from shooting himself in the head? If so, how did he live?
    • He only grazed himself with the bullet (he showed up at Asougi Consulting the very next day with just a bandage on his head). However, it seems the wound did leave a permanent mark, even if only symbolic - his hair went partly gray after nearly committing suicide. It happens sometimes (especially in fiction, especially in anime; e.g. Trinity Blood's blonde Astaroshe was shot in the head and since then, sports a lock of bloody red hair).
  • Why was Shogo afraid that the communist assassination would be a threat to his sister? Did they threaten her, or did Apos manipulate him?
  • What happened to all those immortals Apos had stabbed to the wall? Did Rin let them go after she took over as guardian?
  • So, by virtue of being intersexual Apos became both an Angel and an Immortal. Does that mean that s/he has a constant overwhelming desire to fuck him/herself?
    • Maybe. That would actually make a disturbing amount of sense.
  • Why does Rin always act surprised when Mimi gives her vodka after she asks for water? She's done it like three times that we've seen. On a related note: If Rin asked for vodka, would Mimi give her water?
    • Her acting surprised is probably more of a personal ritual than anything else.