Headscratchers / Mitsudomoe

  • Futaba usually wears the same top and shorts, while the rest of the characters seem to change clothes several times an episode (same style of clothing, but different clothes). Hm...
    • She actually did have a significant outfit change, as she hasn't worn a dogi since the episode she cut hers up to make pencil cases.
    • To be fair, she's still technically wearing the same thing, since she just wore the dogi over the blue top. She's just wearing less.
    • To be fair she may have wanted to wear her dogi all the time, and since she used the top as stated before, just continued to wear what was left of it.
    • Being The Ditz, she may simply not get the point.
  • Why the heck does the father of the triplets get arrested so often? He even gets hassled by the police when carrying one of his daughters home. That doesn't make any sense.
    • Japan is weird like that. In a society where being conspicuous is considered offensive, it's entirely possible to get hassled by the police just for LOOKING suspicious.
      • Still, if nothing else, you'd think that he gets arrested so often that the police would actually recognize him by now.
      • Also, this troper didn't even get hassled while being a foreigner taking pictures of students at an all-girl high school. Well, being female helps, perhaps.
      • So I Heard from my wife (who watches this series more than I do): Classism; Soujirou seemed a bit too low of a socioeconomic class (he looks blue-collar doesn't he?) to be close to those kids.
      • There's also the apparently complete lack of a family resemblance.