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Headscratchers: Minecraft
  • So throwing a piece of coal into a fire gives you roughly 8 seconds of fire a piece. How, then, does throwing a piece of coal on a stick allow you to make a permanent fire?
  • Why are the villagers such swindling bastards? Buying four diamonds for ONE emerald and selling you an iron sword for 7?
    • Because they are. Because they know they can swindle you. A better question would be where they got things like diamond swords and Eyes Of Ender. Are the Testificates just really badass off-screen?
    • Because currency doesn't exist in this universe yet. Our world used to do this too before money was invented (except with other stuff such as barley, and even seashells).
    • It's basic RPG economics; you get fucked over but the only other options are unreliable and dangerous.
    • Because they put most of their points into hiding and haggling and golem-building, you put most of yours into mining and violence.
    • Funny, those noses look awfully familiar
  • Redstone performs the same function as copper wire, and copper ore is something you'd really find underground. So why use a fictional substance for electrical stuff instead of copper?
    • There's a mod for that.
    • Copper can't spontaneously generate current?
      • That was my thought as well. It's a way to have all "electrical" systems simplified to use one common element instead of having to have different collected components for wires, power sources, lights, etc. Instead, if its interactive, its redstone.
    • Rule of Cool. It glows red. It's also magical.
    • I thought Redstone didn't have a name at first, and the fans demanded one from Notch. In an instant, he named it Redstone.
      • I was playing Minecraft when Redstone was introduced. At the time, Notch let the players name things as they liked in the forums and wiki, there was no tooltip in the game itself. But there was such a huge Internet Backdraft about the various names people were giving to it on the forums that Notch had to buckle down and give canon names to everything, including adding tooltips to the game just to settle the dispute.
    • Incidentally, copper is commonly described as being red.
  • Why are Ghasts programmed to aim at the camera, anyway? It just makes it so that they can't hit you if you're in third person mode.
    • The wiki said this was a glitch, and this is probably fixed now.
    • Because they aren't trying to kill Steve?. They're trying to kill YOU.
    • A much better explanation is that you're just not supposed to play the game in third person mode, it's a dev thing.
    • It's probably much easier to make the game reference the camera rather than the player.
    • This has since been changed because of abuse of the third-person camera.
  • Gunpowder and trinitrotoluene are completely different substances, so why is A used to make B? If anything, gunpowder should be used to make more conventional "bombs", and TNT should be made of itself.
    • Because 'TNT' or 'Dynamite' is better sounding than the exceedingly bland 'Explosive' or 'Bomb' that would be more clinically accurate, and because it lets us get off with fewer objects in the game. See the redstone example above, it's a simple catch-all for having to get copper for wires, zinc for batteries... Having just one thing that everyone knows goes boom (Gunpowder) Lets us use that for any in-game item that should go boom.
    • Blame it on Looney Toons for embedding the idea that TNT is made of gunpowder.
    • As with redstone, it's for the sake of fun. There's zero need to simulate every aspect of circuits and explosives when the end goal is to simply allow players to create fun things.
    • Because it was stupid when he temporarily named it 'Sulphur' in Beta 1.2.
  • The list of features in update 1.6 lists "Removed Herobrine. So... he was in the game after all?!
    • That was a joke by Notch. He actually removed a spawnable human mob from the game and nicknamed it Herobrine.
      • ...Repeatedly?
      • Yes.
      • Actually its just a Running Gag with the patch updates. Kind of like a "fandom Shout-Out" if you ask me. I read somewhere that the reason it was first put in there is because Notch actually removed a spawner that would spawn something with Steve's skin (or something like that) which Notch nicknamed "Herobrine". It's been a Running Gag ever since.
  • How do skeletons drown in water and suffocate in sand/gravel if they donít have lungs?
    • Water is pure and hurts them if they are totally in it, but not if they are standing up. Sand/gravel actively crushes their bones.
      • If that's the case, wouldn't they get hurt just by being in water similar to the Endermen?
      • Well, they have lungs, don't they?
      • Simple. Endermen are pure evil. Zombies/skeletons are nasty, but they aren't completely evil. They still have a Steve?-like form.
      • If endermen are pure evil and skeletons and zombies aren't, then why do endermen only attack if you look at or attack them and zombies/skeletons attack on sight?
      • And why do 'you' sometimes happen to attack animals on sight even though you aren't pure evil?
      • I never attack animals on sight unless I'm at risk of starving to death on hardcore mode. I grow wheat, make a farm, and breed them. I eat more bread and melons in Minecraft than meat usually, and save up a stack of beef or pork for The End. I should have said "attack the player", sorry.
    • Zombies are dead. They still drown.
      • Same thing with zombies. Water is pure. Plus, it cannot be good for their insides if too much water gets in.
      • Zombies are undead humans, and humans are animals. Animal cells swell and burst in water if it's not expelled fast enough. Since zombie cells and organs are dead and probably unable to perform such functions, they burst, and the zombie "dies".
      • Let's regard it as an acceptable break from reality.
  • One headscratcher which has been completely explained away but still makes no logical sense is, why do zombies drop feathers? Initially, this was due to the fact that Notch had made the feathers, and something had to drop them. By now though, we actually have bones and other drops more suitable for the zombies, who still drop feathers.
    • because zombies are dead players enslaved by skeletons to make their arrows. Everytime you die, another zombie spawns. Everytime you die holding a bow, zombies make you a skeleton.
    • If zombies and skeletons drop bones, you can just avoid skeletons and fight zombies, and there's nothing unique to themselves for them to drop. Until Notch has added something different for zombies to drop, they drop feathers. Maybe they'll drop rotting meat or something.
  • The physical issues of where he would put it all notwithstanding, the player is theoretically capable of holding 44,518,667 kilograms of material, assuming that they are wearing gold armor and every slot in the inventory is filled completely with gold blocks, as all blocks are one cubic meter, and out of all the various materials in the game, gold is the densest - and thus heaviest - one in real life. For those who are unfamiliar with metric or too lazy to do the conversions, this means that the player is capable of carrying just shy of 50,000 tons - all with no apparent strain or fatigue. So why in the world does he need tools at all, with that kinda strength? Couldn't he just punch everything, not just trees?
    • Maybe Steve? is that strong - but he still takes several seconds to cut down trees, because Minecraft trees are a whole lot tougher than real trees. Everything else just scales up in strength.
    • Adding encumberance rules would make the game tedious, and allowing you to punch everything down with your bare hands would remove a lot of the "crafting" part of the game.
      • As it says on the trivia page, finesse. Destroy certain blocks with your hands and they are destroyed; use a tool and they are collected.
      • i always assumed that minecraft had very little gravity and thats why you could carry so much, and why there were floating blocks, etc...
    • My question is why the heck Steve? can't carry more than 4.6kg worth of feathers if he technically can hold over 44,000,000kg worth. note 
    • Because, just because he could lift that much doesn't mean his backpack (or whatever he uses) could hold that much.
    • Just because he can carry 50,000 tons of material doesn't make him immune to any damage or pain caused by kinetic impacts (a.k.a punching rocks and getting shot with arrows).
    • Well, mined blocks convert to "item entities", which are visibly smaller, lighter, and more flammable than their original blocks. Arguably, they're less than three-dimensional, especially since now they start stacking even before you pick them up. It's actually those item entities that Steve? is carrying, and it's quite reasonable that they would be nearly weightless. Given that the same happens to blocks destroyed by an explosion (or by pistons etc.), the conversion to item entities obviously represents some unremarked feature of the world, rather than one of Steve?'s abilities.
    • Golden Apples stack just as well as Gold Blocks, and are a touch over 8 times denser. So Steve? can really carry about 400,000 tons of material. Yet with that massive strength, it still takes many punches to break a block, or kill a mob.
    • Actually, everything in Minecraft is 1 meter according to Word of God. Comparing dropped items to blocks, An item at largest is about 0.5 meters. So gold blocks might be the heaviest. We need some science, guys. We should just ask Mat Pat from Game Theory.
  • Who put all these monster spawners around?
    • Notch. Or, to give an answer less likely to make people come after me with Torches and Pickaxes, they're another variety of mushroom, and the mossy cobblestone is their mycelium. They spawn zombies, skeletons, or spiders to kill anything that wanders by so it becomes compost for them.
    • According to the ending poem after clearing The End, Steve? did.
  • How does any life survive in the Nether if there's no water (water instantly evaporates when placed)? Where do the Zombie Pigmen obtain gold? How do they make Netherbricks? What are Ghast Tears made of? What are Ghasts made of? Resource-related Fridge Logic actually makes my head hurt a bit.
    • The Nether is basically Hell, so it doesn't have to make much sense. The Ghasts are likely The Legions of Hell, so don't require any food or water, and the pigmen are zombies. Basically, everything in The Nether can be explained as thus: Hell magic.
      • The nether mobs adapted to be able to drink lava (Why else do you think they aren't hurt from burns?) They feed of of Genre Blind players who enter the Nether. And probably Zombie Pigmen too, considering that they are pigs.
  • Will potions ever be stackable? The current arrangement for how you carry them puts them in Awesome, but Impractical territory.
  • How come you don't see endermen chasing after villagers?
    • They weren't looking at them
      • The endermen can't tell if they're looking at them, due to the ridiculous hats and big noses.
    • Endermen can teleport. Just because you don't see any endermen chasing villagers doesn't mean that they aren't.
  • Why is the 360 version of Minecraft like that of Beta 1.6 (no hunger, Endermen, not even the new map generation mechanics, meaning the "Glacier" seed still works)? Is it for more casual gamer's on XBLA? Or is the .XNA or .XLA limiting the Java scripting?
    • This was only done to get the game out of the door faster. The XBLA version was originally listed as coming out in June 2012, but it suddenly got bumped up to May. 4J Studios have already stated that the Xbox version will recieve all the updates the PC version has in due time.
    • A more specific reason is that 1.6 is when they started working on the Xbox version. Due to the code differences between PC and Xbox it needed a lot of changes, and they wanted to focus on getting the game done.
  • So Jeb had decided to remove emerald ore from survival mode in response to people complaining about how crazy rare the ore already was. Wouldn't that only make people complain more?
    • Sometimes less is more, which is something a lot of people forget about game design. Have an item that takes forever to get and people will try to get it and get bored/annoyed/frustrated. Remove the item, and that behavior completely disappears.
  • Since it seems the new buildings in the game were added to make the Adventure Update more fufilling, how exactly are you supposed to use Pyramids? You have to break a block to get in, and then place blocks to get out. Neither of these things can be done in adventure.
    • There's always pistons.
    • Adventure mode is still a work in progress; this issue will probably be tackled in a future update as adventure mode is gradually smoothed out.
      • As of now, you can still break blocks in Adventure as long as you have the right tool. So now all you have to do is scavenge from NPC villages.
  • Why do people keep calling the chickens ducks? They don't even quack. They cluck.
    • It's the broad flat beaks that throw people off.
    • They also seem to like water a lot...
    • I think ducks lay eggs, too.
    • It's all part of a cunning ruse to prevent us from learning the real truth about what the turkeys have been hiding from us all along
  • I get that some players call gold 'butter' or 'budder' because it's soft, but seriously, why do they go to such extremes? An exchange I once had with a rabid fan sounded pretty much like "wat is gold theres no gold in minecraft only budder [sic]".
    • It's Fan Dumb. Just ignore it. Apparently, some people think that butter can be used to make clocks and electric railway tracks...
      • Actually that is because of Sky Does Minecraft.
      • I can continue this discussion on the discussion page, but i'll do that once somebody replies (though they will send me a PM as I never did the discussion thinf yet) but it's actually Sky's Fan Dumb
  • So now that horses are being introduced to Minecraft along with craftable saddles specifically for said horses. What's gonna become of pig riding?
  • And now Mojang decided to remove the crafting recipe for horse saddles... What makes them think that was a good idea!?
  • Endermen start to violently shake with rage the moment you look at their lower torso. So why exactly do they do this?
    • This Troper's guess? They can feel your gaze and it freaks them the hell out. Although apparently it only works if you have visible eyes, since the pumpkin trick fools them.
    • They just realised that they're not wearing any pants.
  • Is there ever gonna be legit way to craft chainmail armor? The fact that you literally have to use fire to craft it is almost as ridiculous as not even making it craftable at all.
    • Somebody at Mojang should add something (like a special furnace) to make iron into metal (and vice versa to revert the metal back into iron) so we can make it. There's also villager trading.
    • It's already possible to craft 6 iron ingots into a stack of 16 iron bars, which could probably be used as a nice material for chainmail. You would then be using less iron ingots total, and you get metal-based armor with less defense than full iron armor.
  • How are Endermen able to walk on snow and ice when water hurts them?
    • It's only liquid water.
      • Snow should melt under them, though.
      • Very tiny shoes?
      • Perhaps Endermen don't have body heat.
  • Obsidian, why on Earth is it one of the hardest material in Minecraft, in Real Life its quite brittle, and you can't make any other tools form it like diamonds.
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