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Headscratchers: Minecraft
  • So throwing a piece of coal into a fire gives you roughly 8 seconds of fire a piece. How, then, does throwing a piece of coal on a stick allow you to make a permanent fire?
  • Why are the villagers such swindling bastards? Buying four diamonds for ONE emerald and selling you an iron sword for 7?
    • The prices appear to fluctuate wildly based on whether the RNG hates you a lot or just a little.
  • Redstone performs the same function as copper wire, and copper ore is something you'd really find underground. So why use a fictional substance for electrical stuff instead of copper?
  • Why are Ghasts programmed to aim at the camera, anyway? It just makes it so that they can't hit you if you're in third person mode.
  • Gunpowder and trinitrotoluene are completely different substances, so why is A used to make B? If anything, gunpowder should be used to make more conventional "bombs", and TNT should be made of itself.
  • The list of features in update 1.6 lists "Removed Herobrine". So... he was in the game after all?!
  • How do skeletons drown in water and suffocate in sand/gravel if they donít have lungs?
  • The physical issues of where he would put it all notwithstanding, the player is theoretically capable of holding 44,518,667 kilograms of material, assuming that they are wearing gold armor and every slot in the inventory is filled completely with gold blocks, as all blocks are one cubic meter, and out of all the various materials in the game, gold is the densest - and thus heaviest - one in real life. For those who are unfamiliar with metric or too lazy to do the conversions, this means that the player is capable of carrying just shy of 50,000 tons - all with no apparent strain or fatigue. So why in the world does he need tools at all, with that kinda strength? Couldn't he just punch everything, not just trees?
    • He can punch everything! Tools just make it go faster, since it's a more refined instrument than just a blocky fist.
  • How does any life survive in the Nether if there's no water (water instantly evaporates when placed)? Where do the Zombie Pigmen obtain gold? How do they make Netherbricks? What are Ghast Tears made of? What are Ghasts made of? Resource-related Fridge Logic actually makes my head hurt a bit.
    • The Nether is implied to be an Eldritch Location. Time doesn't even pass the same way in the Nether. The Ghasts are undead for all we know.
  • How come you don't see Endermen chasing after villagers?
  • Why is the 360 version of Minecraft like that of Beta 1.6 (no hunger, Endermen, not even the new map generation mechanics, meaning the "Glacier" seed still works)? Is it for more casual gamer's on XBLA? Or is the .XNA or .XLA limiting the Java scripting?
  • Since it seems the new buildings in the game were added to make the Adventure Update more fufilling, how exactly are you supposed to use Pyramids? You have to break a block to get in, and then place blocks to get out. Neither of these things can be done in adventure.
  • Endermen start to violently shake with rage the moment you look at their lower torso. So why exactly do they do this?
  • How are Endermen able to walk on snow and ice when water hurts them?
  • Obsidian, why on Earth is it one of the hardest material in Minecraft, in Real Life its quite brittle, and you can't make any other tools from it like diamonds.
  • Anyone find it ridiculous that there's a crafting recipe for mossy cobblestone, but there's still no recipe to make saddles?
  • How can such a powerful creature, the Ender Dragon, be hurt by snowballs? Except for Blazes, no other mobs can.
  • Any object that falls into lava catches fire and is quickly destroyed. This includes lava buckets. You'd think a container heatproof enough to carry the stuff would be able to survive being dropped into it.
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