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Headscratchers: Midori no Hibi
  • Midori is a teenage girl. Which means she menstruates. How does she do this while being part of Seiji's arm?
    • She doesn't? She doesn't need to defecate either.
    • One assumes that, since her real body exists and needs care, it also goes through normal bodily functions such as menses. Her 'arm' body doesn't.
    • It seems to be only her torso on his hand, negating the problem entirely. That or since their circulatory systems are linked, it is taken away normally.
      • I don't think menstrual blood is normal, that's probably why it's not usually re-circulated.
    • Her real body probably does it for her, or the creator simply forgot about it. You can choose whichever.
    • She's revealed on one of the back pages not to have a vagina. Wherever the 'split' is, it's well above her reproductive organs. She probably doesn't have ovaries to menstruate with.

  • Shiori. Dominatrix outfit. Who the hell thought this was a good idea?
    • Seiji's Sister?
    • Here's a better question: Who makes those outfits in that size, and why?
      • It's Japan. Thus, you don't want to get an answer to that question lest you will need large amounts of Brain Bleach.
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