Headscratchers / Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

  • In "Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt", to get the pieces of the clubhouse back to where they belong, they have to touch it and say the magic words, right? So how is it when Goofy (and the Shoe garage) and Daisy (and the clubhouse Head) are in danger, [about to go off of a waterfall and getting dizzy respectively), how is it that Mickey just doesn't tell them to do just that, saving them trouble? Or is it that
    • A: The magic words don't work with water?
    • B: Mickey HAS to be one of the people touching the piece when it happens?
      • Somewhat justified given Goofy's tendency to mispronounce his words. More of a question in Daisy's case, though the fast spinning could have made it hard for her to hear him properly.
  • How does the Mousekadoer know what tools to give before they encounter the situations that call for them?
    • 1. It knows the future
    • 2. It somehow manipulates the future