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Headscratchers: Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
  • when Ocelot talks to the DCI about the Philosophers Legacy, he says he has come for the other half. Now in the Metal Gear database its mentioned that the DCI kept the half of the Legacy obtained by Naked Snake and declared Snake Eater a failure. So where did Ocelot(and Zero I guess too) get the other half of the Legacy from?
    • He no doubt spent the time between 3 and PO getting his hands on the Russian half of the legacy.
    • I thought that the info on the Legacy that EVA took in Snake Eater was fake, and taken by Ocelot? That's what I remember happening.
  • The ICBMG is launched like a missile and para-drops to it target and then launches it's payload. Metal Gear RAXA was a test version of the ICBMG and required a pilot to operate. There is no mention of AI in this game, does this mean the ICBMG also requires a pilot? If so who was operating it when Gene launched it?
    • Think of it like this—an aircraft's autopilot can be so sophisticated, it can take over flight control just shortly after takeoff, fly the flight, and land the plane with little to no human intervention. In the timeframe of the game (with a little bit of MGS tech-upgrading), this can be achievable with the ICBMG. At this stage of development, it's still very much like the Shagohod before it—it's not capable of true intercontinental nuke launch like REX, and still requires the assistance of rocketry. The main difference is that while the Shagohod used its own momentum to boost the range of an IRBM, the ICBMG would be delivered to a deployment area by a ballistic missile, which could do shorter-range nuclear launches with some degree of mobility (I also recall it being a quadruped, unlike the later bipedal models). Unlike Peace Walker, this system isn't intended to use thinking processes to determine whether to shoot or not; all the onboard computer would have to do is just walk its way to a pre-programmed waypoint, and start the launch sequence. Terrain-following radar existed in the late 60s/early 70s, IIRC, and the tech enhancing the series provides would totally make it possible to walk its way to target. As far as the prototype having a pilot, that also makes sense from an R&D standpoint—build the vehicle first, test its controls under human operation, THEN throw a computer into the mix.

  • This may sound like a stupid question, but after the Metal Gear RAXA fight, during the cut scene... Why does Big Boss call out Sokolov for being Ghost in front of Gene (who is Sokolov's commanding officer). This seems very untactful, especially for Big Boss.
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