Headscratchers: Marvel 1602

  • Spider-Man 1602, particularly Virginia Dare's death. I know they're trying to pay tribute to both The Night Gwen Stacy Died and the legends concerning the character, but the death so comes out of nowhere and doesn't do the character justice, and it doesn't add anything to the series. It also bugs me that they aged Peter about five years for this sequel when the most interesting aspect of the character was his youth. Furthermore, the use of the garish costumes and fight scenes we're used to in comics directly contradicts Gaiman's vision for the series! Fortunately, I was able to place this series in Dis Continuity.
    • A bigger problem for me personally was now the ending goes out of its way to null the events of Marvel 1602 and force the regular Marvel continuity to take place after it.
  • ''How was The Invisible Woman being held prisoner by Dr Doom? I'm prepared to believe she was incapable of escaping like the others, I just can't figure out what hold he had on her.
    • Yeah, that bugged me too. I guess she was imprisoned in some sort of a cage in Doom's bedroom.
    • It looks like some sort of glass tube given the way it shatters. I guess Doom also had some way to make it soundproof as well. When you think about it, that is a fairly clever way to torment her: unlike the others, she is put in a spot where there will be people around her. And nobody notices her.
      • It's also located in his bed chambers; there's a panel where Doom preens in front of it, naked, after having had sex with the Black Widow. The implication is that he forces her to watch.
  • Is it just me, or is Captain America a bit of a Jerk Ass is this series? I mean, he's prepared to end the world to help the colonists.
    • I think his mind was a bit addled from passing through the time portal thingy. Plus, he's not a scientist. It's possible he simply didn't believe the world would end if he didn't go through the portal.
    • He also got shot in the head as he was sent through time. While the time travel / super solider serum helped him recover, this would also probably help addle his senses a bit.
    • Also, this is supposed to be (a version of) the Steve Rogers from Earth-616. *Our* Steve Rogers. Unlike the other Elizabethan characters, he's personally experienced many of the Time Travel stories of the regular Marvel Universe - none of which has, so far, caused The End of the World as We Know It. Since he wasn't there when the Watcher explained the danger of this particular method of Time Travel, Steve probably didn't believe the world would end.
    • And he was coming from a bad future, where he saw many comrades fall or retire. This may have changed his mindset a bit to make him a bit more stubborn in wanting to fix this.