Headscratchers / MTV

  • MTV. Stands for "Music Television." Holds an annual music video awards show. Yet doesn't actually show music videos or music related programming, preferring instead to air "reality" shows about self-absorbed idiots. You can see how I'd have a problem here.
    • Yes yes, but picking on MTV's Network Decay these days is like beating a horse that's been dead for so long that its bones have turned to dust. MTV premiered in 1981, and its decay was in full swing by 1994. The channel has been known for not playing music videos for longer than it was in the first place. It's been burned to the ground, the ashes buried in sand, and its fields sown with salt so that nothing may ever grow there again.
      • But for most of the '90s, MTV still showed a lot of videos. They were just interspersed with other shows. It wasn't until the early '00s that the videos and scripted shows started to disappear and be replaced by mountains of shows said to be based on reality.
  • Why do people blame Beavis And Butthead for the Network Decay? If anything, The Real World should be blamed. Beavis and Butthead had the music video segments, true to the channel's name, and I'm sure The Real World spawned all the other shows that plague the channel today.
  • Why did they cut off a bit of the M when they redid the logo? They could have easily just axed the "Music Television" part at the bottom. Now the M looks too short.
    • Well, it does make perfect sense that they'd take out part of the "M(usic)" in "MTV"...
    • MTV officially has rescinded its "Music Television" moniker with the launch of the new logo, so it must be their way of saying that they don't care that they've changed.
      • Yes, I understand why the "Music Television" part is gone, but what I'm talking about is how the M itself has a bit of the bottom cut off. Look at the classic logo, and compare it with the current one, and you'll see what I mean; the M is slightly, but noticeably shorter than it was before. Why did they do that, rather than just cropping out the "Music Television" part?
      • It's just a stylistic choice, they thought it was more visually appealing for one reason or another.
  • I kinda disagree with this:
    Thanks to MTV, music went from being a primarily audial medium to a visual one, making the image and appearance of musicians just as important — if not more so — than their actual musicianship.
  • Yeah, 'cos David Bowie totally looked like an androgynous alien because it helped him make better music.
  • Link ...I think we're done here.
    • That's not that helpful. It's not just about "the older audience has grown up, so we show different things now, since you're not our demo anymore", because the younger generations aren't really watching MTV that much anymore either (nor TV in general). If anything, they should try and market towards older people (similar to how MTV Classic is), maybe they could have a bigger audience if they did that. Or replace MTV 2 (which isn't much different from regular MTV) with MTV Classic. That way they could keep their current garbage on MTV and have MTV 2 be the network for older audiences (and so they don't have to pay more for extra channels)? Besides, I understand them not showing music videos 24/7, but they could at least show them during the day, since all they air during the afternoon anyways is just reruns of their current shows and nobody's really watching during the day, since it's not an important time slot, why not show videos during that time?