Headscratchers / Lollipop Chainsaw

Nick's hobbies...
  • Just how could A Date with Rosie Palms be one of them? And yes, I know it's a Suda 51 game, but what's up with all the guys with their comments solely based on masturbation or banging women?
    • Do you mean how could Nick's hobbies include masturbation if he's only a talking head? (In which case, the hobbies were listed for before he got beheaded) Or do you mean how could A Date with Rosie Palms be a hobbie at all? (In which case...well, it's not unhealthy in and of itself and it's obviously recreational...)
    • It plays All Men Are Perverts ridiculously straight because that's the joke. That's precisely what it's a satire of. Lollipop Chainsaw is parodying the concept of the supersexy fanservice girl whose purpose in the story is to be sexy and bubbly and give you panty flashes. The males Juliet encounters whose emotional capacity ranges from "You're so sexy" to "I want to touch you" are openly saying This Loser Is You to the type of audience they're satirizing: any male that came into this game just to see a teenage girl in a sexy cheerleader costume bounce around and give panty flashes to the camera. If you felt offended that the game called you a pervert, congratulations: you're the punchline.
    • Because Suda 51 thinks that kind of thing is funny?
    • Mainly just how on earth can A Date with Rosie Palms be a hobbie at all?
      • It's just a joke. No reason to read anything deep into it. And Nick's at the age where most guys date Rosie Palms on a regular basis, smoking hot girlfriend or not.
      • At his age? I don't seem to understand.
    • Just recite "The Mantra" and keep walking.
    • Swan probably edited Nick's interest backstage as a "take that". Julia already replied to one of them and cut down another.
Swan's master plan...
  • If his big scheme had, as its lynchpin Juliet killing all five of the Dark Purveyors then why in the world did he have them all try to kill her? If at any point they succeeded, his plan goes up in smoke...
    • Well if one of them had succeeded in killing Juliet they had one zombie hunter less to fear and could maybe just destroy everything without summoning Killabilly. It was a Xanatos Gambit.
    • There is a chance the Dark Purveyors were still all separate from the plan: maybe they all thought the plan was to just "rot" the world and be done with it? They may not have known what their deaths would have caused, hence were just fighting because they saw Juliet as a thorn in their sides
    • Unlikely. They all recite the Ominous Latin Chanting when they die. they must have known about the plan. Also, doesn't Swan say he counted on Juliet killing the Dark Purveyors?
    • Plus, despite her ditzy and Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny! ways, Juliet is smarter than one would give credit for. Had all these big bad zombies just let themselves get chainsawed, she'd consider that something was up. It's all about putting up one helluva act.
    • Maybe they had to. We don't know much about the ritual; it's possible that throwing the fight may have invalidated it. If the Dark Purveyors just had to die at specific places and speak the rites, Swan could have done it himself and cut Juliet out entirely.
  • Shouldn't Sensei know about Swan's plan, since it was just following a black magic ritual? He's supposed to be a great master, and he definitely knew enough to even tell Juliet how to beat the last boss... but he didn't know about the ritual? How?
    • Maybe he thought, or hoped, Swan wouldn't go through the whole thing. Living or unliving, it's not easy for a lot of people to be so ready to put a gun to their own head.
    • Morikawa-sensei may or may not have known about the ritual. Whether or not he did isn't particularly relevant; the real question is whether or not Morikawa-sensei knew that Swan was performing said ritual, and there is no evidence that he did.
If at first you don't succeed...
  • What's with Juliet always trying to chainsaw the Dark Purveyors in half? After it didn't work on Zed the first time, why didn't she move onto a different strategy? It didn't work with Vikke like twice before she got it right. Mariska kept splitting herself in half... seriously, why doesn't she ever think to try something else?
    • When all you have is a magic chainsaw...
    • It does work!! The Dark Purveyors (except Mariska) are clearly not happy about getting chopped apart the first time. They deal with it by putting on a brave face and spouting a bit of macho crap like "You think that hurts! I just jizzed a little". Every time they get hacked up, they fight more desperately and they only withstand the chainsaw the first time because they're so powerful - after that they know they're in shit creek.
Nick in Sensei's body
  • Why doesn't anybody in the game question how Nick came back from the dead and more importantly in Sensei's body? I mean, really.
    • You really haven't been paying attention to the characters AT ALL. The Starling Family is used to that kind of stuff. Also, they're more focus that Nick and Gideon are alive.
The Starling Family
  • The Starlings are said to be a family of professional zombie hunters. How common are Zombie Apocalypses in whatever world this game takes place in for that to be a viable occupation? Cordelia Starling is mentioned to be a professional assassin (complete with a Briefcase Full of Money being shown), which probably helps to pay the bills, but still...