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Headscratchers: LittleBigPlanet
  • When an electrified object is dropped in water, why doesn't all the water across the level become electrified? And if you think, "Oh, that's just that the water on LittleBigPlanet acts as an insulator," then why doesn't dropping it into water put out the electricity like it does with fire? And what about underwater Horrible Gas? (At least plasma orbs are indeed destroyed when they hit water... or any other solid thing, including Sackboy.)
    • Except that the water you're referring to is just blue horrible gas.
    • No, I'm talking about the real water from the POTC pack. It acts exactly like normal water in terms of physics (including buoyancy), but doesn't do anything with electricity. Then again, it wouldn't make sense to have swimming Sackpeople electrocuted when the source is halfway across the level, so it actually might be justified.
    • Same reason as the televisions in Sonic games work underwater.
      • Deliberate engineering for that exact purpose by Eggman?
  • So what WAS the Negativitron trying to do anyway?
    • The Negativitron is supposedly nothing more than a chaotic force that just wants to destroy everything, turn the world to complete turmoil, that kind of thing. Not that I have any real clue, but that's why we have these pages don't we?
      • I always thought it was trying to destroy Craftworld so it could override our ability to be creative... But that works too, I guess.
    • Well since Craftworld is supposedly made up of imagination, maybe the Negativitron is all the bad things people think about.
  • Isn't modnation racers basically LBP Kart?
    • Not really. ModNation doesn't have the 2D racing parts that LBP Karting will apparently have. Also, it may further expand the already massive amount of cross-compatible LBP content there is.
  • So the "Patients Are a Virtue" level in LBP 2, why is nearly half the main cast of LBP is in Eve's Asylum? Did they go insane after the Collector incident, or was it fanservice for those who played the original LBP?
    • The Negativitron happened. That much destructive force drove them nuts.
  • So...did no one play the Vita version? What's with the lack of tropes for LBP Vita?
    • I guess too new. Maybe the site doesn't want to give away spoilers too early?
      • The game came out, and so did Karting, yet this page still has the Beta tropes.
      • Because TV Tropes is not magic, if everyone is waiting for someone else to edit it of course it'll never get done.
      • You Were Saying?
  • Are we allowed to post trope examples from the community on the main page? Community examples have been placed on other pages, but nothing on the main LittleBigPlanet page.

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